Ranking All The Songs from The Due Date Soundtrack

Due Date

Todd Philips best known for Old School directed this 2010 comedy starring Robert Downey Jr, Zach Galifinakis, and Juliette Lewis. Alan R. Cohen and Adam Sztykiel wrote the screenplay which is a dark comedy about a well-to-do architect played by Downey Jr who is trying everything he can to get home to his pregnant wife. Unfortunately, on the way runs into Galifinakis who seems to thwart all plans to be with his wife. While the pair are waiting to get on the plane Peter Highman (Downey Jr.) is talking with Ethan Trembley (Galifinakas) and the latter mentions something about a bomb, preventing them both from getting on the flight. The movie is a collection of the top shenanigans and scenes memorable scenes since the pair work well together. One of the things that make the movie even funnier and in places more touching is the soundtrack. This is a ranking of all the songs from the Due Date Soundtrack.

12. Check Ya Self 2010 – Ice Cube Featuring Chuck D and Lisa Kekalua


This remix was specifically done for the movie. If you wait around for the credits at the end of the movie you’ll hear this song.

11. This Is Why I’m Hot – MMS


The movie features many hilarious scenes and a lot are highlighted with songs. While this song play, Ethan is in the back of Dwayne’s truck going down a country road with a dog.

10. A Good Sign – Christophe Beck


According to The Film Music Institute, Beck is a Canadian-born composer who also did the scores for movies like What Happens. This wasn’t the only time he’d worked with Todd Philips.

9. Ethan’s Theme – Christopher Beck


Galifianakis and Philips worked together on The Hangover franchise where Beck also provided the film score. Perhaps, it’s this working relationship that helped make this song fit so well into the movie.

8. Hold On, I’m Coming – Sam & Dave


This song was originally released as a single in 1966. The song was born after David Porter wanted his duet partner Isaac Hayes to finish up at Stax Studios so they could write.

7. Glaucoma – Christopher Beck


Downey Jr. plays the straight guy very well in Due Date. Whereas, Galifinakas plays his usual over-the-top self. In this scene, he is trying to convince Highman that the only reason he is smoking marijuana is that he has glaucoma.

6. Amazing Grace – Rod Stewart


This is a fitting song for the scene since it gives a brief reverence during an otherwise zany movie. In this scene, Trembly has finally reached the Grand Canyon and can spread his father’s ashes. This song has had many incarnations since its initial publication in 1779, The words are from a poem written in 1772 by John Newton; a priest and poet.

5. Is There A Ghost? – Band of Horses


Some of the best scenes in comedy movies are the over-the-top chase scenes. In this one, Highman and Trembley are trying to get to the Grand Canyon to spread the ashes of Trembly’s father while outrunning the Mexican police.

4. New Moon Rising – Wolfmother


This song was originally released as the lead single from the group’s second album, Cosmic Egg. Additionally, it was the first time the group’s new lineup recorded a song together. Vocalist Andrew Stockdale said much of the song’s inspiration happened when he was driving home after work and saw animals he didn’t recognize.

3. White Room – Cream


The song’s lyrics were written by Pete Brown who was a friend of bassist Jack Bruce. The instrumentation for the song was written first and the first thing that Bruce considered for the lyrics was the tale of an ill-fated counterculture girl. Even though many might think the song is about someone in a mental institution, the white room was Pete Brown’s apartment. When listening to the instrumentation Clapton’s usage of a wah-wah pedal was taken from a technique used by Jimi Hendrix.

2. People Are Crazy – Billy Currington


One of the things that sold Currington on wanting to release the song was the title. He later said that it only took moments before he was smiling while listening to the song in his truck. After the initial listen, he pretty much had the song on the tape loop for quite a while. It ended up being his third #1 song on the Hot Country Songs Chart. According to Songfacts, the whistling at the end sounds reminiscent of Patience by Guns and Roses.

1. Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies


The list of movies and tv shows where this song has appeared is long, so it is no wonder it made a cameo on the Due Date Soundtrack. The song was originally recorded by Velvet Underground. However, Lou Reed has always maintained his favorite version is the one The Cowboy Junkies did on The Tritinty Sessions in 1988.


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