The 10 Best Duran Duran Songs of All-Time

Duran Duran

Considered as an English new wave band, Duran Duran was originally founded by keyboardist Nick Rhodes and guitarist John Taylor from Birmingham, England in 1978. They quickly became bona fide rock stars. Roger Taylor was the first to join the band as their drummer, who was later followed by guitarist Andy Taylor, and finally Simon LeBon as their lead singer. Despite Andy, John, and Roger all sharing the exact same last name as Taylor, none of them are related to each other whatsoever. Duran Duran, also known as The Fab Five, was at the forefront of the new British invasion that swept clean through every nation, especially within North America. This was also at a time where music videos began to make an everlasting impression upon the music fans that would forever change how the music industry would continue to evolve.

Not only was Duran Duran one of the most favored rock bands throughout the 1980s for their music, but for their videos as well. Among many fans, they consider Duran Duran as the true “godfather of the music video industry” and it is often commented by many of today’s musicians it is what catapulted their interest to do more than just audio recordings. Although records show Duran Duran still remains as a band since their 1978 formation, there was a b brief time where the band roster split into two different entities. From 1986 until 1989, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, and Simon LeBon formed Arcadia while Andy Taylor and Roger Taylor took a bit of time off. Despite their Arcadia name, this trio was still part of the Duran Duran roster. Overall, Duran Duran boasts a discography resume of releasing 14 studio albums, 4 live albums, 4 compilation albums, 7 EPs, 14 video albums, and a total of 39 singles.

10. (Reach Up For The) Sunrise


Coming from the 2004 album (Astronaut), the lead single ((Reach Up For The) Sunrise) performed very well on the dance music charts throughout the globe. It reached #1 with the US Billboard Dance Club Songs. With the US Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at #89. On the UK Singles Chart, it climbed to #5. With Australia’s ARIA, it reached #22. Elsewhere in the world, at #25 with the Dutch Single Top 100 Chart, #37 with the Official New Zealand Music Chart, #39 with Germany’s GfK Entertainment Chart, #42 with Belgium’s Ultratop, and #61 with The Swiss Hitparade music sales chart.

9. I Don’t Want Your Love


In 1988, Duran Duran releases the album (The Big Thing) and from it is the single (I Don’t Want Your Love). With the US Billboard Hot 100, it peaked at #4. And with Canada, #6, with the Dutch at #11, in New Zealand at #12, in the UK at #14, in Australia at #23, and in Germany at #31.

8. Notorious (as Arcadia)


Although it was released at the time through their spinoff band name, Arcadia, the 1986 single (Notorious) is also credited to Duran Duran as the band roster is still the same, minus Andy Taylor and Roger Taylor. This comes from the album of the same name and it was successful enough to crack most top twenty positions on a global scale. Notorious peaked at #2 with the US Billboard Hot 100, and at #6 with the nations of Belgium, Netherlands, and New Zealand. In the UK, the song charted to #7. It reached #10 in Canada, #12 in Germany, and #17 in Australia.

7. Is There Something I Should Know?


In 1983, the Capitol Records edition to their album (Duran Duran) brings forth the single (Is There Something I Should Know?). It originally was released as a stand-alone single and it debuted at the #1 spot on the UK Singles Chart. It was the first time Duran Duran released a number one record. It also did well throughout the rest of the globe, charting at #3 in Canada, #4 with the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as Australia’s ARIA Chart. It reached #5 in New Zealand, #16 in Belgium, #24 with the Dutch, and #29 in Germany. Since its release, Is There Something I Should Know earned Gold Certification with the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

6. Union of the Snake


The first released single (Union of the Snake) comes from Duran Duran’s 1983 album (Seven and the Ragged Tiger). Among the music charts of the US Billboard Hot 100, the UK Singles Chart, and the Official New Zealand Musi Chart, this song reaches #3 in rank. It did a little better in Canada, peaking at #2. In Australia, Union of the Snake reaches #4. With the Dutch, it charts to #17, and in Belgium at #19. With Germany’s GfK Entertainment chart, at #37. In sales, Union of the Snake earned Music Canada (MC) Gold Certification and BPI’s Silver Certification.

5. Ordinary World


In 1993, Duran Duran releases the album (Duran Duran The Wedding Album) and the single (Ordinary World). It proved to be their most successful song of the 1990s, as it peaked at #1 in Canada, #3 in New Zealand, and the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart. In the UK it reached #6, while the Germans and Dutch at #16. In Australia, the song charted as high as #18 and in Belgium, #20. Since its release, Ordinary World also became certified Gold with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and certified Silver with BPI.

4. Hungry Like the Wolf


In 1982, coming from Duran Duran’s second studio album (Rio) would be the breakthrough hit (Hungry Like the Wolf) that catapulted them straight into the hearts of the North American fan base as among the forerunners of the new wave craze the British spread abroad like wildfire. In Canada, this single peaked at #1 instantly while with the US Billboard Hot 100 at #3. Most other nations worldwide, namely Ireland, Finland, and New Zealand charted Hungry Like the Wolf at #4. With the Australians and the UK, at #5. This song also earned Gold Certification from BPI, MC, and RIAA.

3. A View to a Kill


As an avid fan of the James Bond movie series, John Taylor approaches American film producer Cubby Broccoli with a comment that it has been too long since any kind of music coming from the James Bond series has seen any real sign of success on the music charts. This spawned John Barry, who collaborated with Duran Duran, to write the song for the movie and its soundtrack that shares the same title as the song (A View to a Kill). Come 1985, A View to a Kill is an overwhelming success. To date, it is the most successful song from any of the soundtracks ever associated with the James Bond Series. It reached #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart and in Canada. In the UK and Belgium, it peaked at #2. Elsewhere, it reached #6 in Australia, #9 in Germany, #13 in New Zealand. A View to a Kill also received MC Gold Certification and BPI Silver Certification since its initial release.

2. The Reflex


Coming from their 1984 album (Seven and the Ragged Tiger) is (The Reflex). However, what is on the album is heavily remixed before its release as a single. It is Duran Duran’s most successful song as far as chart rankings go. With the US Billboard Hot 100, the UK’s Singles Chart, Belgium’s Ultratop, and the Dutch Single Top 40 Chart, The Reflex ranked at the very top spot. In Canada, it ranked third. Elsewhere in the globe, it peaked at #4 in Australia, #6 in New Zealand, and #8 in Germany. In addition to its chart-topping success, The Reflex also earned MC’s Platinum Certification, RIAA’s Gold Certification, and BPI’s Silver Certification.

1. The Wild Boys


The most commercially successful single is (The Wild Boys). It comes from Duran Duran’s 1984 album (The Arena). While it may not have charted as high as The Reflex, the overall sales The Wild Boys achieved suggests it is an arguable favorite among Duran Duran fans. Peaking at #2 with the US Billboard Hot 100, as well as in Belgium, Canada, and the UK, The Wild Boys still made its presence felt as a chart-topping hit. Germany, the song was #1 according to their music charts while the Australians and the Dutch ranked it at #3. In sales, The Wild Boys achieved Gold Certification with Germany’s BVMI, as well as Canada’s MC, and the USA’s RIAA. This song also earned Silver Certification with the UK’s BPI.

*No, we didn’t forget about Rio

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