The 10 Best Whispers Songs of All Time

The Whispers

Have you ever listened to the 1980 “And the Beat Goes On” and the 1987 “Rock Steady”? If yes, you probably are familiar with an American group called The Whispers. The group is from Los Angeles, California, and has released hits after hits since the late 60s. It is no surprise that they’ve ranked more than 15 top ten R&B singles and eight top ten R&B albums. They’ve also bagged many awards over the years. Without further ado, here are the Best Whispers songs, from the worst to the best.

10. Can’t Help But Love You


The song “Can’t Help But Love You” by Whispers was released in 1972 by Janus Records. The funk/soul is a typical love story where two people try to immerse each other. It’s not every day that someone tells you how deeply they are in love with you so much that you can’t keep your hands off each other. It’s a perfect song with powerful lyrics for people trying to keep their love strong. The best line: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

9. (Let’s Go) All the Way


“(Let’s Go) All the Way” was released in 1978 by Whispers and was written by Art Posey, Josef Powell, Melvin Ragin, and Reginald Burke. If there is a trait Whispers is credited for, then speaking in parables and marinating them with love lyrics is it. You don’t have to be an expert to realize that the love song is a game of minds, and the only one who ends up losing is the one who doesn’t give it all in a relationship. Best line: “I like the way to make love to my mind.”

8. A Mother for My Children


It’s painful to watch, leave alone listen, to a man crying in a song because the mother of his kids has decided to walk away. The song “A Mother for My Children” conveys this message very well. It seems like Whispers were trying to empathize with men who are compelled to raise kids single-handedly and the challenges they go through in the process. If this song doesn’t make you cry, no other song will. Best line: “We couldn’t see eye to eye, packed your bags, saying goodbye.”

7. It’s a Love Thing


“It’s a Love Thing” by Whispers was released in 1979, and it’s one of the songs that made it to the billboards. In this song, Whispers talks about a woman who has transformed his life for the better. You can tell from the lyrics that the woman in question completes him in every way. The best part about this track is how Whispers take turns reciting the lyrics. We recommend you to listen to this song if you’re head over heels with someone. Best line: “You’re the kind of woman that can turn my world around.”

6. Keep On Lovin’ Me


“Keep On Lovin’ Me” was released in 1987 by Whispers, according to PlayBack. The video starts with five men dressed in oversized suits, reading newspapers. At the prompt notice of a woman donning a red skirt, they drop the newspapers and strut behind her. Before you know it, the men are in a club. It’s not difficult to conclude that this was Whispers’ way of initiating a tremendous disco strutting atmosphere. Best line is “There must be some reason we come back

5. This Christmas?


Christmas is a perfect time to be merry and be with our loved ones. As is expected, most music stars set the Christmas mood by releasing songs year after year. You might have listened to Christmas songs before, but nothing beats “This Christmas?” by Whispers. According to This Is My Jam, it was released in 1979 when the Christmas spirit could be felt worldwide. You don’t have to wait till Christmas to enjoy this song. Best line is, “Make a friend whenever you can. it’s gonna be a very special Christmas.”

4. Lady


Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without ladies? As you boggle your mind for answers, you should listen to Whispers’ “Lady.” The gang seems to present the same question to a woman they are interested in in the song. As you already know, Whispers have always reserved the power to use excellent lyrics when pursuing a woman. Also, feel free to dedicate this particular track to your lady. Best line is, “And I couldn’t live without you without losing my mind.”

3. Love is Where You Find It


This list ranked “Love is Where You Find It” at number three because it made it number one on the Billboard Top Soul Albums chart. It was released in 1981 when soul and R&B were quite popular. This song has powerful lyrics that can make anyone in love go wild. It’s a perfect disco strutting song to set you in the mood for dancing. Best line: “Love is where you find it.”

2. Rock Steady


If you have Whispers’18th studio album, you’re probably aware of “Rock Steady,” our number two song. According to Tidal, it was released in 1987, and to date, it’s the highest-charting single in the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. It might also please you to know that it is a re-recorded version of Kylie Minogue’s song “Look My Way.”

1. And The Beat Goes On


The best of the best songs on this list is “And The Beat Goes On,” released in 1979. It was their first of two number one songs on the Soul chart. Not only was it their best hit in the US, but also the United Kingdom. What’s more, it peaked at number 27 on the Canadian RPM chart. We ranked this song number one because it pays tribute to Phyllis Hyman, who died in 1996. In addition, Alyson Williams covered Hyman. So, if you want to get disco vibes combined with musical energy, this track will be worth your time.


Listening to Whispers’ songs is a perfect excuse to travel back in time when R&B and soul went hand-in-hand. Most of the tracks have a way of capturing your interest till the end. Besides their strutting theatrics, Whispers are talented in delivering powerful vocals in their lyrics.

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  1. The 2 BEST songs by The Whispers are Olivia (Lost and Turned Out) and It Just Gets Better With Time – which should’ve been number one on this list).

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