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Ava Max

Born to Albanian refugees, Ava Max grew up listening to Mariah Carey’s pop hits, and her mother sang opera. After living in Paris for one year, her parents moved to Wisconsin, where a good Samaritan helped them acquire passports. Ava Max’s parents supported her decision to pursue music and always accompanied her to singing competitions until she got signed. Over the years, she has really grown in popularity to become one of the most streamed female musicians globally. We have come up with a list of her ten best songs that she has released in her short but eventful career as we see her ascend the throne of pop royalty. Here are Ava Max’s ten best songs of all time.

10. Salt

Starting us off in the tenth position on our countdown of the ten best Ava Max tracks is one of her most upbeat songs that talk about moving on from a past relationship. The title, “Salt,” symbolizes tears in the song since tears usually have a salty taste. The song lyrics contain phrases such as “all out” and “not gonna cry,” which show that she has moved on from her past relationship. The song, which was released in December 2019, is one of her favorite songs that she has ever released. The song was also a fan favorite and has over 57 million views on YouTube.

9. My Head & My Heart

If you’ve listened to this song the first time and probably wondered where you have heard it before, then you are not alone. Luckily we got you this time. This track heavily interpolates ATC’s 1999 Eurodance hit song, “Around the World (LaLaLaLaLa).” The song was released in November 2020 via Atlantic Records and is another recently produced song from Ava Max’s catalog. The song peaked at position 45 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified gold in the US and UK.

8. Alone Pt 2

In this song, Ava max teams up with British-Norwegia record producer DJ Alan Walker in the second song to Alan Walker’s 2016 song, “Alone.” Apart from Walker’s production techniques which really make this track outstanding, Avan Max’s vocals and the choir towards the end are really impressive. The song also contains an equally impressive video and has amassed over 200 million views on YouTube.

7. Not Your Barbie Girl

This song gained massive popularity almost one year after its release due to the many times it was shared on TikTok hence giving Ava Max a significant career boost. The song uses the same lyrical structure and melodies as the 1997 song, “Barbie Girl,” done by Danish pop group Aqua. The difference comes in the message, whereby Ava Max’s “Not Your Barbie Girl” advocates for women’s control with who they consent to touch their bodies.

6. EveryTime I Cry

“EveryTime I Cry” is an electro-pop song with some house elements with lyrics outlining the effect of women’s empowerment during tough moments. The song has a groovy beat and is one of Ava Max’s most uplifting bangers. The song was well-received by critics who praised its magnificent production and a chorus that hits so hard.

5. Who’s Laughing Now

The number five song on our list of the greatest Ava Max songs of all time is a continuation of the hit song, “Sweet but Psycho,” which also features at number one in our list. The pop song is about a girl who is gaslighted and features Ava Max seeking revenge on her cheating boyfriend, who also happens to be her boss. According to Ava Max, the song also targeted girls who bullied her in middle school, forcing her to start homeschooling.

4. Torn

In her childhood days, Ava Max used to listen to Ace of Base and ABBA and has always wanted to add some flair to their music, and they inspired the release of this track. “Torn” is a dance-pop song that describes the internal struggle of wanting to leave a relationship or continue to fight for it. The track video, which is quite ambitious, was shot in Milan and portrayed Ava Max as an ordinary woman and a wonder woman. The track achieved double-platinum certification in Poland and is certified gold in several other countries.

3. So Am I

Ava Max is so underrated in pop music culture. She is the closest thing to Lady Gaga, and her music is quite incredible. This next song received triple platinum certification in Poland and has been certified platinum in multiple countries. “So Am I” is the second song from her debut album, Heaven & Hell. The track is pop-heavy and contains lyrics that talk about navigating through the adolescent stage of life. It has infectious hooks and a catchy beat that gives you feel-good vibes anytime you listen to it.

2. Kings and Queens

You will absolutely love this track the moment you hear the intro, which is very catchy yet realistic. “Kings & Queens” is the fifth song from Ava Max’s debut album, Heaven & Hell. The catchy anthem expresses the message of women empowerment and contains an interpolation of Bonnie Tyler’s 1986 hit, “If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man).” The song features a beautiful guitar solo and lyrics that pass a crucial message. The song peaked at number 13 on the US Billboard 100 and has been certified platinum in nine countries.

1. Sweet but Psycho

The number one song on our list of the top ten Ava Max songs is a dance-pop song containing lyrics that talk about a woman’s perception. The title of the song was inspired by her parents, who often told her that she was sweet but a little psycho. Despite criticism for its stigmatization of the perception of mental illness, the song was a massive hit that was loved for its upbeat sound and catchy chorus. “Sweet but Psycho” was Ava Max’s first top 10 single in the US, peaking at position 10.

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