Epic Games Store Free Games Full List in February 2021

Epic Games Store is a newcomer among the other platforms it competes with. So, it tries to draw users’ attention by giving away games for free, unlike any other subscription service. It provides at least one game for free, mostly in two-weekly periods. So, we listed the free games that Epic Game has given away in February for you.

Before we start, we want to underline another important detail. You don’t have to install the game you purchased. And when we say purchased, it costs you none of course. But you will be adding the games to your library forever like you are buying them while you are being charged for none.

For the King

  • Available on Epic Games Store from February 04 – February 11

For the King is a roguelike RPG game mixing tabletop gameplay elements along. The game world has the map, enemy placement, events, quests, and more which all randomly arranged with each playthrough. The story of the game follows the assassination of the king of Fahrul and the mystery of the deed. The player supposes to rise to the queen’s challenge to fight the darkness in the realm whether working alone or with others.

Metro: Last Light Redux

  • Available on Epic Games Store from February 04 – February 11

It’s a post-apocalyptic-themed, first-person shooter video game with stealth and survival horror elements. The game is a sequel to Metro 2033. The story follows a young soldier from Moscow, Artyom. After a devastating nuclear war, he tasked with finding the mysterious Dark Ones. He must venture to different parts of the metro system and the surface filled with radiated gases while fighting against different factions and mutated monsters.

Halcyon 6

  • Available on Epic Games Store from February 11 – February 18

Halcyon 6 is an indie strategy video game and turn-based tactical RPG hybrid developed.

The game revolves around managing and building the player’s base, which has individual rooms that must be cleared out. To do this the player must gather resources from nearby worlds. They must also deal with attacking enemies such as pirates and aliens entering through portals that must be closed. There are two types of combat, ground and ship-to-ship, both of which operate in the manner of a turn-based RPG. The player can use combos to exploit vulnerabilities and apply status effects.

Absolute Drift

  • Available on Epic Games Store from February 18 – February 25

It’s a racing game featuring 5 free roam areas and 34 tracks. In the free roam areas, there are various objectives for the player to complete which unlock more levels and cars. The tracks also have objectives to complete, including gaining points in a drift-based scoring system.

Rage 2

  • Available on Epic Games Store from February 18 – February 25

Rage 2 is a first-person shooter video game where players assume control of Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland. He must survive in a world inhabited by dangerous mutants and crazed bandits after it was hit by the asteroid 99942 Apophis. Players can also control some of Walker’s attributes, such as their gender, skills, or attire. Walker is able to wield various firearms and tools to fight against enemies, including returning weapons such as the wingstick. The game also features vehicular combat, including trucks, buggies, and gyrocopters, and allows the player to drive any vehicle in the game’s world.

Sunless Sea

  • Available on Epic Games Store from February 25 – March 04

Sunless Sea is a survival/exploration role-playing video game with roguelike elements. The player takes on the role of an Unterzee steamship captain, whose background and ambitions are customizable. The player can win by achieving their chosen ambition, such as becoming Fallen London’s most celebrated explorer or amassing enough wealth to retire. In order to do that, players need to discover new resource locations, trade goods across the Unterzee, battleships and “zee monsters”, and complete “story” quests. There are several roguelike gameplay elements, such as partially randomized maps and permanent character death. But on the other hand, subsequent characters can inherit some of their predecessor’s possessions, and a player may create a will to ensure lodging and wealth for their successors.

Sunless Sea is currently available on Epic Games Store to purchase for free now! And here are the Expected PlayStation Plus Free Games for March 2021 if you want to take a look!

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