Heartland Season 14 Release Date is Finally Approved

Since 2007, Heartland has been one of the must-watch affairs of the long-running series, no doubt. And after all that long waiting, it is now time to celebrate the determined release date of Heartland Season 14, which is soon enough!

Based on the book series written by Lauren Brooke, the live-action adaptation of Heartland became the longest-running drama in Canadian television history as its story follows 2 sisters and their grandpa looking after their family.

As the journey prepares to begin for us all over again, some of them are also ending on the other side. But the logline still promises us “the family will pull together and be stronger as a result,” as well. In Heartland season 14, we will witness Amy facing life-changing issues as she finds peace and cure in horses, as always. On the other hand,  Hudson Town comes against a disaster that could lead Lou’s first term as mayor to go off the rails.

Vice president Angela Cannon, and UP Faith & Family channel manager say about the upcoming season of Heartland:

“UP Faith & Family continues to be the first U.S. streaming service to debut each new season of Heartland and will be the only streamer to have Season 14 in 2021.

The passionate fanbase and devoted viewers know UP Faith & Family is the go-to streaming destination for the newest seasons of Heartland where with every season premiere, we also delight and surprise our customers with brand new, exclusive Heartland content they won’t find anywhere else.”

When will Heartland season 14 release?

So, according to Angela Cannon and the channel manager’s words, Heartland‘s upcoming season will air weekly only on UP Faith & Family, starting Thursday, May 6th, 2021. On the other side, Heartland season 14 will drop on Netflix sometime later, but we don’t know when yet.

So, what do you feel about Heartland is finally coming back to screens?

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