Metallica reveals acoustic-ish version “Blackened 2020” from home

Metallica have surprised fans with the 2020 version of their “Blackened” song. They just also share this track’s new version during the quarantine.

Lars Ulrich just mentioned the Metallica’s quarantine records on the way. During the coronavirus pandemic, every band wants to do something for their fans and upcoming events. For those who don’t know Lars already talks about their Zoom sessions: “We’ve been sitting around in the last four to six weeks and having numerous conversations; the four members of Metallica connect via Zoom once a week. Also, it’s great to connect – all four of us are, obviously, in four different locations in four different states right now. But one topic of conversation on these weekly Zoom sessions is: ‘What does it look like going forward?’ What will the next couple of months look like? What will the rest of the year look like?'”

He also mentioned: 

“And what will, obviously, say, the next decade look like in terms of: ‘How do we create, how do we write music, how do we record music, how do we share music, and how is it all gonna look with the uncertainties ahead of us?’ I think for people like myself, for people in the band, for people in our organization. We can get very comfortable with knowing everything that’s in front of us. I could pretty much walk you through what the rest of my 2020 looked like, I could start walking you through what my 2021 looked like.”

In this video, Metallica’s every member stay home due to coronavirus pandemic. The split-screen video was shared to the band’s social media accounts. You can watch the  Metallica band’s performance of the “Blackened 2020” is the new version which comes from the band’s 1988 album “…And Justice for All” below.

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