How to Play Resident Evil Multiplayer Game?

Resident Evil multiplayer game is starting to beta test! What should we do to play CAPCOM‘s mysterious Resident Evil game?

We have good news for those waiting for the Resident Evil 8 game. Yesterday, the developer made an announcement that Resident Evil Showcase will be held on January 21 and we will get recent information about the highly anticipated Resident Evil 8 game on this showcase.

During the RE Showcase, viewers will get a look at a new trailer and first-look gameplay footage for the Resident Evil Village.

Also, after yesterday’s showcase announcement, a beta test for the Resident Evil multiplayer game came out.

What is the Resident Evil Multiplayer game about?

Unfortunately, we have no information about the game at the moment. However, during the Resident Evil Showcase, which will be held on January 21, we can learn about the story, gameplay, and features of the game.

This year is CAPCOM‘s 25th anniversary and get ready for lots of gifts and content.

How to sign up for Resident Evil Multiplayer beta testing?

A teaser website was released for beta testing of the game. As you can see on the site, the game’s beta testing period will start on January 28th. If you want, you can register for the game’s closed beta test and play the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.

In addition, Resident Evil Ambassadors with a Silver rank or above will have a greater chance of being selected for the beta.

Terms and Conditions for the Closed Beta Test:

  1. You have a CAPCOM ID.
  2. Your CAPCOM ID is linked to the Resident Evil Ambassador program.
  3. You are 18 years old or over.
  4. You own supported hardware (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and Xbox One)

The registration period for the Resident Evil Multiplayer beta test

If you want to test and experience the game before anyone else, remember two deadlines. January 20 and January 25. After each application deadline, a list of successful applicants will be announced by Capcom on January 22 and January 29, respectively.

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