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Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain on influences: “I was playing pop music”

Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain on an interview about his days when he start to play drums. He also reveals his early drumming influencers.

We recently mentioned the Iron Maiden launched a new football shirt. The band also teamed up with a Brazilian sports brand, WA Sport. They are a Brazilian company specialized in manufacturing customized sports uniforms. They also produced these three soccer shirts. The first Iron Maiden WA Sport 2020 collection includes three football shirts inspired by the album covers such as Piece Of Mind (1983), Powerslave (1984), and Fear Of The Dark (1992).

Now we back to the new interview or live webinar. Nicko talks about his early drummer days:

“I went through a pop phase when I was learning The Rolling Stone, The Beatles, and Marvin Gaye — all those kind of guys. I was playing pop music, soul music, and went into blues. And then, obviously, for my style, the music that I was playing in the late ’60s, early ’70s transferred into this kind of funk stuff. That was my main go-to — what I loved to play… So my style came from all these genres of music.”

How I think really my style progressed was the bass players I played with them. They were primarily funk players. And then when I [played] with Pat Travers, we had the great and wonderful ‘Mars’ Peter Cowling on bass. And that guy and I, we just clicked. ‘Cause I had this funk side to me, and yet I also had a flamboyant side, which was a more percussive player, because there were only three of us.”

He also added about his style:

“My style really came from the bass players I was playing [with] and the music I was listening to at that time. But I still took that early feel that I had, ’cause I grew up listening to the greats in the ’60s. It was ’63 when I first really got into playing; I was 10 years old… That’s where my influences came from — those bands at that time.”

You can watch the full “Live Webinar With Eric Singer and Nicko McBrain” below.

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