The 10 Best Jewell Caples Songs of All-Time

Jewell Caples was the unsung heroine of Death Row Records. She was a talented musician, but most of her music was not released, resulting in a frustrated Caples slowing down her career.

The uncut diamond remained unpolished till her dying days, and the irony is that her music is being appreciated more now than when alive. She had so many tracks portraying her talent, but for today let’s focus on the best Jewell Caples songs of all time.

10. So Bad

They say that love is about giving and taking, but some people are selfish, so all they do is take. From the soulful lyrics in this song, Caples is drained after giving her all without being replenished, and she feels she could use a little more appreciation. She sings that loving her man hurts, yet instead of walking out on him, she stays, begging him to be more loving.

9. Take My Breath Away

Caples leaves a lot to the imagination with this song when she keeps saying that “it” takes her breath away. Her listeners can interpret “it” to mean a lot of things, and it seems to be her intention. She asks her man if he would give “it” to her if she told him what it was. Well, some think she means sex because of how she says thoughts of “it” in the bedroom keep her awake. Then, again she talks about loving the flavor and the sweet taste it leaves in her mouth. When she talks about how nothing else could make her feel so high, and “it” makes all her troubles go away, you are left to wonder if she means a puff of marijuana. Whatever “it” is, the song is beautiful.

8. Come Back to Heaven

Love turns sour sometimes, and this song is about regretting letting go of the one you love. Caples sings that she made the mistake of nagging her man until he left. She confesses that she did not treat him right, but after being alone since the separation, Caples realizes that she needs him back. In this song, she is begging for him to come back to her, to the heaven they had created together. Having learned her lesson, she promises to treat him better.

7. Lies

Relationships should be built on a foundation of trust, and Caples gets tired of the lies that her man keeps telling. You can feel the hurt in her voice as she tells the painful narrative of how the man deceived and tricked her. She is regretting ever getting into a relationship with the man who lied to her that he loved her and she believed him. Worst of all, he took advantage of her kindness, as she says he took it all, yet they were supposed to share.

6. Black Diamond

Caples is head over heels in love with a man she refers to as her black diamond, probably because the kind of love he has shown her makes her believe he is as rare as the black diamond. The late singer expresses how she feels about her black diamond, saying he makes days brighter and even rainbows fly. Of course, similar to how precious diamonds are, Caples cherishes the man whom she wants to promise that he will stick by her side forever.

5. Back in Bed Again

Caples was a lover, and her songs told as much. She sang from different points of view, and in this song, she is the other woman in the narrative. Caples starts by saying she fell in love with another woman’s husband and was comfortable with the arrangement. Later, she wanted him to leave his wife for her, but that did not happen. She gets angry and wants to dump him, but after he calls her and shows up at her house, she is back in bed again with him. It is the tale of someone who does not learn from her mistakes.

4. Sweetest Taboo

Listening to this song, you can pick some similarities with Sade’s, “Sweetest Taboo.” The words may not be the same but you can tell one borrowed from the other because even the tune is similar. Unfortunately, Caples’ song was never released while Sade’ became a massive hit, peaking at #5 on Billboard Hot 100.

3. Love or Lust

In 1992, “Deep Cover,” an action thriller starring Lauren Fishburne, helped Dr. Dre to showcase his prowess in music production. It is through this film that Dr Dre released his debut solo single titled the same as the movie and Snoop Dogg also made his first appearance. The thriller features lots of songs, another of which is “Love or Lust.” Anyone who has ever listened to the song praises it for its notable beats. Caples wonders whether the heat in the passion is love or lust.

2. Woman to Woman

If ever there was a song that wives should dedicate to the other women their husbands are cheating on them with, then this is it. Caples says she is not ready to step aside so the other woman in her man’s life can have him to herself. She calls the other woman – Yolanda, played by Regina King – telling her to get her own man since the man Yolanda is in love with is taken. Caples convinces women to fight for their happiness and not to allow anyone to break up their homes.

1. It’s Not Deep Enough

The first lady of Death Row, as she is fondly called, had a penchant for love songs, and this is among her most popular ones. From her songs, Caples seemed to be the ride-or-die type of woman, ready to lay bare her all to keep her man. This song is a classic example of how far she was willing to go for her man. She says that the man never has to go far looking for love because she has it all, enough to fulfill his dreams and fantasies.

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