Lars Ulrich reveals Metallica’s upcoming S&M2 box set

Lars Ulrich from Metallica band drummer has revealed they will release an S&M2 box set end of the 2020. He also joined ‘ Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ while Long Island ICU nurse and Metallica fan Tracey Bednar.

On 11th June, Lars Ulrich joined Jimmy Kimmel‘s #HealthCareHero and talks with their fan. Tracey Bednar, a children’s ICU nurse from Long Island. She also superfan for the Metallica band. And she has been looking after kids suffering from COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. In this meeting with his superfan, Lars also reveals details about the S&M2 box set in late 2020.

Lars also inviting the Bednar to one of Metallica band shows next time perform:

“Between the three of us, this is our next release called S&M2 which is coming out in August. You’ll have the first signed copy of this special box set from me and the fellas. It’s coming your way shortly.

As a father of three, I can’t thank you enough for what you do,” Ulrich said. “I’ve been sitting here listening in for the last couple of minutes. All of us out here in San Francisco, my family, and everywhere are so grateful.”

“Thank you for having Metallica be a part of your life and your ride home.”

Also, Tracey Bednar added:

“I actually love Metallica, and my favorite song is ‘Enter Sandman,’” said Bednar. “I blast it as loud as I can.”

Lars also announcing our friends are also sending her $10,000, plus gift cards for her co-workers. Metallica’s S&M2 box set probably out in late 2020. Watch the full video below.

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