John Boyega Might Be Taking Henry Cavill’s Cape as Superman

It has been confirmed that Henry Cavill will not be playing the role of Clark Kent and hanging up Superman‘s cape after all those years. And now, it seems that his cape gets taken away already by John Boyega, even if not much time passed over it.

Rumor now has that John Boyega is possibly swapping out of one of the world’s biggest franchises to another one. The British-Nigerian actor’s international breakthrough came with his role as Finn in the Star Wars sequel trilogy films as most of know. And now, it seems Boyega is being considered to star one of the most iconic superheroes ever created, Superman.

Speculated options for the new Superman so far

It was obvious that DC would recast the part of Superman after Henry Cavill quitting news anyway. The first rumors were actually mentioning earlier that Michael B. Jordan was going to be the frontrunner for the role. But seemingly, John Boyega is now another option if Jordan wouldn’t play the role or howsoever. This also means that Superman’s next version might be the first time a black actor taking the title role and the cape, one way or another. So, we will see in time, whether who will take the cape after all.

What we know so far about the upcoming Superman movie

Ta-Nehisi Coates has already signed up for writing the script along with J.J. Abrams producing. The upcoming movie of Superman will surely have a different approach besides the past ones. It’s really exciting and revolutionary times for DC as it builds a whole new direction for their catalog. And this is one of the strongest reasons for John Boyega‘s being predicted for the role actually. It’s because DC is pivoting away from what we’ve seen earlier. So the studio has committed to making the next Superman a black man in order to do so.

Furthermore, another DC plan is on the table which includes introducing their own multiverse in their films with The Flash. This also might mean a remaining room for Henry Cavill to return for cameo appearances to fight against Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, as well. But still, we also may see the new Superman reviving the main version of the character, depending on when some of these projects get off the ground.

The new version of Superman is also unknown

After all, it’s still not known if Superman will be another version of Clark Kent, Calvin Ellis’s character in the limited run, or a completely new and original one. There are really tons of speculation and rumors wandering around since the recent Superman news came. About John Boyega, he might have other iconic productions such as the last three Star Wars movies in his bag already. But to see the fresh and talented actor as Superman could also make most of the fans pleased, I think.

So it seems that we will keep just guessing as we wait until the official announcement being made. But at least we got somethings to think over anyway. That’s also something to stall us, right?

So stay tuned as we wait, and share your thoughts about the new Superman with us. We will be posting as soon as we got the news!

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