Machine Head share Anti-Valentine’s Day song “Circle the Drain”

Machine Head has released a new and Anti-Valentine’s Day song called ‘Circle The Drain’. This song is inspired by an acquaintance of frontman Robb Flynn.

Robb Flynn just came home from Afghanistan only to have his relationship fall apart with his partner. Because of that, we called this is an Anti-Valentine’s Day song ever. We already share the band’s making off video for this song. Machine Head’s upcoming album also coming probably in 2020. Also, the track has some-inspired the exits of guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain in 2018.

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn also talks about his relationship and album:

“The song is inspired by an acquaintance of mine who returned from Afghanistan only to have his relationship fall apart with his girl,” Flynn said in a press release. “She had messed around on him, then got paranoid about him messing around on her, and drove him crazy. We had a conversation on Valentine’s Day and he said to me, ‘They were just circling the drain…’ The phrase struck me. A few days later, I incorporated it into the song I’d been working on. … The irony that he and I had the original conversation on Valentine’s Day, and we are now releasing it on Valentine’s Day isn’t lost on me. It really is the anti-Valentine’s Day song.”

Then he continued:

“It was a strange parallel with my life at the time, having recently had two band members quit, and even more bizarrely, two long-time couple friends of my wife and I, also divorced. It was break up season, and it played out with friends taking sides, people not being invited to certain events anymore, social and emotional pressure, and all the typical stuff that happens when a relationship goes bad.”

You can listen to Machine Head new song “Circle the Drain”.

Also, you can watch the two-part making of video documentary below.

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