Metallica Scores Best Debut on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs

Metallica just earned the best debut on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart in five years. The thrash metal legend recently debuts with the San Francisco Symphony‘s “All Within My Hands” version.

The band’s latest album song, which was recorded during the MetallicaS&M2 show. The show took place on September 6 and September 8, 2019, concerts at San Francisco’s Chase Center. Also, the most famous music magazine Billboard just survey about Mainstream Rock Songs. This “All Within My Hands” song is the highest and best debut on the Mainstream Rock Songs chart since in the last five years.

What’s the Metallica debut San Francisco Symphony’s “All Within My Hands” version?

Here’s the short description about S&M2 show:

“S&M2, the live concert film from Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony, is the concert event of the year! Also, S&M2 features 20 songs (over 2.5 hours of music) from the two-night event that opened San Francisco’s new Chase Center, with many Metallica fan favorites and two unique classical songs chosen by San Francisco Symphony Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas. S&M2 is newly re-edited by the band with remixed and remastered audio. This is also for a whole new look and sound from the original theatrical run in October 2019.”

However, Metallica‘s S&M2 debut album comes out on August 28th, 2020. As both a live album and concert documentary in various formats. Check out the video below.

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