METALLICA Special Vinyls Coming to Walmart in 2021

METALLICA announced that exclusive colored vinyl coming to Walmart stores across the U.S.

1. The Black Album will be available as SOME BLACKER MARBLED VINYL. 5th studio album of the band has sold over sixteen million copies in the United States and is Metallica’s first album to top the album charts.

black album vinyl


2. Hardwired… To Self-Destruct, the 10th studio album of the band will be available as FLAME ORANGE VINYL. Having this album number one marked the second time in history that any band of any genre would have six consecutive albums debut at number one.



3. Remastered version of debut studio album Kill ‘Em All will be available as JUMP IN THE FIRE ENGINE RED VINYL. The album’s musical approach and lyrics were markedly different from rock’s mainstream of the early 1980s and inspired a number of bands who followed in a similar manner.

4. Remastered version of the band’s 2nd studio album Ride The Lightning will be available as ELECTRIC BLUE VINYL.

5. Remastered version of Master Of Puppets… It is widely considered to be one of the greatest and most influential heavy metal albums of all time. No more to say. This legendary album will be available as BATTERY BRICK VINYL.

6. Remastered version of 4th studio album …And Justice For All will be available as DYERS GREEN VINYL. It is the first underground metal album to achieve chart success in the United States.

All six albums will hit Walmart store shelves on January 29, but stock is limited. A perfect choice for collectors and die-hard Metallica fans. Click here to visit Walmart Or Amazon and pre-order your copies.

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