Naruto Became A More Mature Person in Boruto Compared to His Youth

Naruto is one of the most popular and beloved animes all over the world. And this is most likely because of its adorable and likable protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. This Japanese manga and anime series has become wildly popular as Naruto‘s traits help to become a functional protagonist while he is also driving insanely the ware sales. And as time passes through, he had to grow up and change in the meantime. But how did he manage that without losing his potential and all?

Naruto manages the balance of the story’s lengthy by more-or-less stating along with his behavior of being noble and good as much as being cold and brutal in the meantime. So he states the story in a short but effective way depending on the situation while subjecting villains to impassioned speeches before he battles them.

As a mischievous adolescent ninja, Naruto questions his enemies and their motives without showing any caring while he is trying to reach out his dreams of becoming the Hokage, the village’s leader, and strongest ninja. And in the rest of the series Bruto, Naruto has grown up and changed naturally. So this growth affection showed itself with stopping giving impassioned battle speeches, as much as we see. So how did he manage to change but somehow remains the same as well?

But why Naruto changed in this way and stopped his beloved speeches?

Naruto‘s babbling had been accustomed by the fans for a very long time that this change of him can’t be overlooked in Bruto at all. But it is also understandable why he gave up his pep-talks as a mature person.

Now that he is a parent besides that idealistic teen, he has to take care of his children more than his dreams and pleasures. So their approach while they are in a fight actually shows their new strategy of taking action immediately instead of delaying it. And it is because it’s not just their lives on the stake anymore, but also their children.

But this doesn’t mean Naruto also lost any of his noble after he grew up, though. His new adult version is still showing his commitment to his virtues that haven’t changed at all. So we can say that his adult version in Bruto is still wiser but also less prone to risk. Naruto is actually the same person with a little bit of development. He just doesn’t jump into everything and spend his time questioning anymore as he used to, in order to keep safer his children as a more responsible person. And we can’t blame him for choosing to fight first and leaving the villain’s redemption for later on those terms.

Ultimately, Naruto has not changed at all in my opinion. He has just learned to leave something unspoken, which actually makes sense since he grew up and something had to change eventually.

What do you think of this new and mature version of Naruto? Let us know. You also might want to take a look at other animes that might be able to attract you from here, if you are a new beginner.

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