The Best Anime Series to Start Your Journey if You are a Beginner

Best Anime Series to Start Your Journey if You are a Beginner

Anime series or movies are such good and entertaining shows but they also can be as much as overwhelming as well, especially if you are a newcomer. Many people usually stay away from this genre despite it includes unique quirks, tropes, and genres. Considering these contents from another side also shows that they might be the reason for aversion to those shows, too. But just like other movies and TV shows, if someone starts to dig in animes as well, it is actually inevitable for them to find something serving their tastes. So, we wanted to help you a little if you are interested in getting started from somewhere. Here are some of the best anime series that won’t tire you while you are getting to know and used to them.

Death Note

Of course, we want to start with Death Note especially because it’s one of the most well-known anime of time. It has been adapted into many shows and created massive anime fan groups.

Death Note’s story revolves around a brilliant student Light Yagami, who discovers a book with the power to kill people and begins literally a crusade to rid the world of criminals. But even if they are criminals, people’s death draws the attention of a man, who is the world’s greatest detective and known only as L. So the journey begins.


The Fate series had started as a visual novel and became one of the most unique uses of magic among other storytelling mediums. Each episode follows mages on battle royales as they summon heroes from history to fight to the death for winning a wish-granting prize.

Fate/Zero is set ten years before the events of Fate/stay and tells the story of the Fourth Holy Grail War, which is a secret magical tournament held in Fuyuki City, Japan. In this tournament, seven mages known as Masters summon Servants, reincarnations of legendary souls and heroes from all over time. They fight in a deadly battle royale where the winner obtains the Holy Grail, a magical legendary chalice capable of granting wishes.

When They Cry

Are you a fan of Stephen King? Then this is the right anime choice for you. The series focuses on a group of young friends living in the fictional rural village of Hinamizawa and the strange events that occur there in 1983. When They Cry also provides a sweet slice-of-life comedy with its many alluring characters.

Keiichi Maebara moves to the quiet little village of Hinamizawa in the summer of 1983 and quickly becomes inseparable friends with schoolmates Rena Ryuuguu, Mion Sonozaki, Satoko Houjou, and Rika Furude. However, darkness lurks underneath the seemingly idyllic life they lead and madness and paranoia begin taking root in Keiichi’s heart. So, he stumbles straight into the mysteries at work in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, a story that is told across multiple arcs.

The 12 Kingdoms

The 12 Kingdom is one of the most popular anime in the fantasy/historical genre. It is an underappreciated gem that’s based on the manga with the same name. The story follows Yoko Nakajima, an admirably strong female protagonist with a red-hair finds herself transported from Japan to another world, and discovers she’s an empress. So, she perseveres to earn her title of Emperess of the Kingdom of Kei.


If you like dystopias, especially like Cyberpunk, then you will probably love this anime. Psycho-Pass tells a story of completely isolationist Japan. It has turned its governing power over to a computer system called Sibyl and monitor all citizens’ mental states. So it authorizes law enforcement action based on the likelihood an individual whether the person will commit a crime or note.

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champlo actually surprises the viewer as a anime that fusing the Japanese history with American hip-hop culture. And by doing that, it provides really hilarious and thrilling series as well. So if you are seeking excellent swordfights and a killer soundtrack should look no further.

Its story follows an impudent and freedom-loving vagrant swordsman Mugen, a composed and stoic rōnin Jin, and Fuu, a brave girl who asks them to accompany her in her quest across Japan to find the “samurai who smells of sunflowers”.


Mushi-Shi is an episodic anthology with no overarching plotline. Its only common elements are Ginko and the Mushi. Ginko is a man with one green eye, who not only can see various types of mushi and also attracts them. He is constantly wandering and smokes because of his ability so that he can keep the mushi away. He has a generally laid back personality, but he can also be very serious and focused on his work when it comes to protecting people from mushi. He underlines that the mushi are not actually evil, but trying to survive just like everyone else. A majority of the stories do not focus on Ginko but rely on him as a catalyst to move the story forward by diagnosing or curing mushi-related illnesses and phenomena. It provides beautiful animation and small-scale storytelling to its viewers and has an unhurried fluency that lets you dive into the atmosphere.

Your Lie In April

The anime series is especially perfect for the ones coming of age tales and stories about music and young love and also the ones who loves drama. The story follows a young pianist named Kо̄sei Arima, who loses the ability to hear the piano after his mother’s death. But sometime later, he finds a new friend who sparks him to rediscover the music again. It’s a really cute and quiet anime that makes you affirme the life all over again but it’s also really sad. So don’t say i didn’t warn you.

School Rumble

Contrary to popular belief, animes don’t contain only violence or blood at all. And here is a beautiful proof of that among the others. Even if it’s not the only one, obviously, School Rumble is one of the best romance comedy anime ever.

The story revolves around two main protanoists, Tenma and Kenji, as they both fall in love with a same person, their enigmatic classmate Oji. On the other hand, this love triangle is not the only issue on this anime. There are also other scenes following minor characters and their exploits as well.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

As a fantasy adventure anime, Brotherhood makes you feel the least Japanese, actually. The story revolves around two brothers who suffered an unimaginable loss. So they decide to chase after the magic of a Philosopher’s Stone to reset their lives. Brotherhood shows off a unique and grounded magic system, a mix of quirky comedy and intense wartime drama, political intrigue, and an epic journey and much more. Much praise was given to the climactic episodes for the way the action scenes and morals were conveyed; many reviewers found them superior to the conclusion of the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime. So, it is actually one of the must-watch anime of all time.

One-Punch Man

It’s a superhero anime franchiese which tells the story of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch. So he seeks to find a worthy opponent after growing bored by a lack of challenge due to his overwhelming strength. This anime franchiese provides tons of comedy thanks to Saitama and his boredom. Despite being constantly underestimated, Saitama always manages to do some impressive fight scenes even with less overpowered comrades. If you want to tear up in laughs while watching figth scenes, the address is certain.

Samurai Flamenco

Another superhero anime, except the fact there is actually no superhero here, at all. Masayoshi Hazama is a young adult model who actually wishes to become a superhero despite having no superpowers. But that fact doesn’t stop him at all and he runs afoul of the police and the city’s elements all the time, until a police decides to support him. A young officer Hidenori Goto gets involved and ends up supporting his cause and their adventures start. It’s a really carefree superhero themed comedy whose intensity also keeps rising up. So you will probably not be able to put it down.

The Promised Neverland

As being considered one of the best of the 2010s, this anime really earns its title. With its game-changing twists, the story follows a group of orphaned children as they realize a dark secret that makes their worlds upside down. So they start to plan an escape from their orphanage together. You will have an edge-of-your-seat thriller feast if you are up to watch it, you better buckle up!

And ultimately, here is another anime list for you to check if you are interested in fighting and martial arts-themed series. See you!

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