Rick Ross Reveals The Simple Ways He Saves Money

RIck Ross

When you think of a celebrity like Rick Ross, you might think of somebody that is responsible for a lot of rap album sales. However, you may not think about someone who is incredibly frugal with the way they spend their own money. As it turns out, Rick Ross saves tons of money every year by doing a few simple things that most people either wouldn’t think of doing or wouldn’t be willing to do. If you’re wondering how he’s pulled it off, keep reading. You might be surprised.

He Mows His Own Yard

It might not quite be fair to say that he merely mows his ow yard, especially when you consider the fact that he has more than two hundred acres. That said, he doesn’t pay anyone else to mow it. He does it all himself. This happened because one day he was looking at his finances and realized just exactly how much money he was spending on paying people to mow his property. He figured out very quickly that it would be a lot more economical to invest and spend some money initially in order to save more money later on down the road. That is precisely what he did. He went out and bought a tractor, added air conditioning and had a good radio installed in it, tinted the windows and learned how to use it. He hasn’t paid anybody to mow his property since. Instead, he does it all himself. He even considers it a rather cathartic activity. He says that he loves spending time out in nature where he can simply be on his own property and be left alone, with plenty of time to think about whatever might tickle his fancy in that specific moment. Even if it weren’t for the prospect of saving a great deal of money every year, he says that he would continue mowing his own property simply because he enjoys it.

He Flies Like Everyone Else

Being a celebrity, you might think that he would insist on flying in a private jet every time he has to go somewhere. The truth is, he’s not keen on the idea of spending that much money. He certainly doesn’t want to spend the money on purchasing a private jet of his own, nor does he want to charter one every time he has somewhere to be. He simply flies like everyone else does, commercially. Granted, he may allow himself the enjoyment of flying first class, but he’s on the same airplane as the person flying in economy class for just a few dollars. It saves him lots of money every year, especially when you take into account his extremely busy travel schedule. It’s one of the most basic things that he does to make sure that he’s not spending money unnecessarily when he could be saving that for something more important later on.

He Doesn’t Always Buy New Things

He makes a habit out of buying things that have character, things that people have owned before. He says that he absolutely loves going to swap meets and having the opportunity to find good antiques or other pieces that he needs (or wants) for next to nothing. He’s even bragged about going to these types of swap meets and finding antiques for less than $20. He doesn’t decorate his home with the most expensive pieces he can find. Instead, he puts a few dollars worth of cash in his pocket, goes to a local swap meet and enjoys the atmosphere. If it’s been a good day, he might come back with something that he can use to decorate his home or even incorporate into his wardrobe. If not, he still enjoys being out and about, doing something that he loves to do. According to him, it’s a positive experience either way and it saves him a lot of money in the process. He simply doesn’t spend money on expensive decorations or anything like that. He would rather save his money, choosing to be frugal where it counts.

He Doesn’t Live Like a Celebrity

In general, Ross does not live like he’s a celebrity. He cooks his own meals, picks up after himself and even buys some articles of clothing off the rack. As previously mentioned, there are times when he finds particular pieces for his wardrobe at swap meets. He does everything he can to keep costs down on a daily basis. This means choosing foods that he can easily prepare without spending a lot of money on an expensive chef or some type of meal preparation service. It also means doing a lot of the things for himself and around his home that you would normally pay someone else to do. For him, it all works. It’s part of how he gets his inspiration for his next project, as it gives him plenty of time to think about such things while he’s busy working around the house.

You might think it odd that somebody with a celebrity status like Ross would choose not to spend money on all of these services when he could easily do exactly that. The truth is, it’s not really that strange at all. There are a lot of celebrities that do these types of things for themselves as opposed to paying some assistant to do everything for them. The thing is, it doesn’t routinely make the news. People think it’s odd because they’re used to individuals that have a lot of money paying someone else to do practically everything for them. Truth be told, it isn’t that way all the time. Some people just enjoy doing things for themselves and Ross is one of them. He also enjoys the prospect of saving his money more than spending it. For him, he’s living his life exactly the way he wants to and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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