New Netflix Original Movie ‘Outside the Wire’ Plot, Cast, Trailer & Release Date

Netflix shared a trailer of the new science fiction and action movie “OUTSIDE THE WIRE”. In the trailer of OUTSIDE THE WIRE, starring MCU’s Falcon aka ANTHONY MACKIE, we are seeing the search for a weapon that could put an end to a war between robots and humans.

ANTHONY MACKIE continues to sign joint projects with Netflix. The partnership started with the Altered Carbon series and continues with the science fiction movie OUTSIDE THE WIRE.

What is the plot of Outside the Wire?

Harp, a drone pilot, is faced with a difficult task. Harp is sent to a dangerous military area where it is asked to find a device that could cause an apocalypse. Harp, working with an android officer, must find the device before it falls into the wrong hands.

Who are the cast members of Outside the Wire?

Harp: Anthony Mackie, known for MCU, Altered Carbon, The Adjustment Bureau

Leo: Damson Idris, known for Snowfall, Black Mirror, Twilight Zone

TBA: Pilou Asbaek, known for Game of Thrones, Overlord

TBA: Emily Beecham, known for Hail Caesar, Little Joe

TBA: Michael Kelly, known for Dawn of the Dead, House of Cards

Who are the director and writers?

Director: Mikael Hafstrom, known for Evil, 1408, Rite

Writers: Arash Amel, Rowan Athale, Rob Yescombe

When is the Netflix release date for the movie?

The movie is expected to take its place on Netflix on January 15, 2021.

What is the run time of this movie?

The official run time has been confirmed to be 114 minutes.

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