Naruto Movies Timeline, Trailer and Synopsis

Naruto Movies Watch Order, Trailer and Synopsis

The movies of the Naruto legend are as important as the series. If you do not know which order to watch the Naruto movies, we have prepared a great list for you. Naruto was first published in 1997 as a manga by Masashi Kishimoto, then adapted into the anime. The manga tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, the next Hokage, the most powerful ninja, and a young ninja who dreams of becoming the leader of his village. Naruto’s movies, which have one of the most successful and longest anime series of all time, are at least as important as their series. So far 11 Naruto movies have been released and if you want to start somewhere, we have prepared an easy guide for you. The films below are listed from the first published movie to the present.

Complete List of Naruto Movies

1 – Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow (2004)


It was released in 2004 and takes place after episode 101 of the series. After an exciting hide and seek with Konohamaru, Naruto and his team move on to their next big mission. Their job is to escort Fujimi Yukihime, a beautiful actress, to shoot the film. However, the filming location is in a remote and snowy mountain. When Naruto and his crew arrive, ghosts appear and try to scare everyone on the movie set. So who is behind this fear?

2 – Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel (2005)


It was released in 2005 and follows episode 160. Naruto, Shikamaru, and Sakura go on a mission to retrieve a lost pet. However, the team is attacked by a group of strangers led by a teenager named Temujin. During the fight, the trio is separated when Temujin and Naruto fall from a hill. Shikamaru, trying to keep the situation under control, witnesses an incredible thing.

3 – Guardians Of The Crescent Moon Kingdom (2006)


It was released in 2006 and takes place after Naruto episode 196. Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Sakura Haruno, and Rock Lee were assigned to a B-level mission to protect the Moon Land Prince Michiru during his world trip. Other escorts were hired but dropped out because Prince mistreated them. The Land of the Moon is a very wealthy nation, so Michiru bought whatever he wanted and had a very materialistic worldview. His son Hikaru Tsuki did the same, disturbing Naruto.

4 – Naruto Shippuden The Movie 1 (2007)


The first Naruto Shippuden film was released in 2007 and follows episode 32 of that series. Years ago, a group of ninja tried to conquer the entire world using the power of the demon named Mouryou, but they failed. Mouryou’s body and spirit are sealed in two different temples. However, Yomi summons Mouryou back to the world and puts his body at his service until he regains his body. In the battle that soon began, Tsunade assigned Naruto to protect a nun named Shinon. He will be under the auspices of Neiji along with Sakura and Lee in this post. This seemingly trivial task is actually the key to the entire war.

5 – Naruto Shippuden: Bonds (2008)


Bonds was released in 2008 and follow episode 71. Surviving members of the Sky Land, which was destroyed by Konoha during the Second Ninja War, after a long time increase their strength and attack Konoha. Many injured survive deaths thanks to the mysterious doctor Shinou who was there at the time. However, Shinou’s disciple Amaru’s village is in danger.

6 – Naruto Shippuden: The Will Of Fire (2009)


The Will of Fire was released in 2009 and follows episode 121. Years later, an ancient Konoha ninja, named Hiruko, attempting to develop a Jutsu to absorb the chakra of other ninjas, reappears. He can now absorb Kekkei Genkai by thoroughly improving his Chimera Technique, and now he wants to be the superior ninja by absorbing the Kekkei Genkai of Hatake Kakashi.

7 – Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower (2010)


The Lost Tower was released in 2010 and follows episode 143. After Team 7 is assigned to the mission to capture a missing ninja named Mukade, Naruto and Yamato are sent back 20 years.

8 – Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison (2011)


Blood Prison was released in 2011 and takes place after episode 196. Naruto, who was locked up in Houzukijou, also known as the Blood Prison, for an assassination attempt on Raikage, loses his powers with the prison warden Mui’s Sky Prison technique. At the same time, Naruto, whose life is meant, will reveal the truth while trying to prove his innocence.

9 – Road to Ninja (2012)


Road to Ninja was released in 2012 and takes place after episode 251. Naruto and his friends are trapped in Genjutsu, created by the mysterious Masked Shinobi. In this new world or reality, the personality of everyone except Naruto and Sakura has completely changed. Also, the dead characters are now alive and their roles have been reversed. Naruto and Sakura have to find a way out of this Genjutsu and get things back to normal.

10 – The Last (2014)


It was released in 2014 and takes place after episode 493. Hyuuga Hinata’s sister, Hyuuga Hanabi, has been kidnapped by Ootsutsuki Toneri, and the heartbroken Uzumaki Naruto must help her newfound love and save her sister.

11 – Boruto (2015)


Boruto was released in 2015 and takes place before the Naruto sequel series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Although Boruto convinces himself that he will do anything to pass the 7th Hokage, he will soon realize that the path ahead will not be as simple and easy as he thought.

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