New Star Trek movie on its way Paramount announces officially

Paramount announced that a new Star Trek movie is officially on its way through the beloved franchise’s website. And there’s more, too. They also added a release date for the upcoming movie to their announcement, as well.

In the meantime, there is not more Paramount revealed about this thrilling news of the upcoming Star Trek movie for now, unfortunately. We only know that they have slated a date pointing to a two-year process for the final frontier’s back. The new installment is scheduled to be released on June 9th, 2023. But they didn’t confirm what the new film will be about including if it will be a continuation of the Kelvinverse movies or not, as well. So, despite the good news and expectations, there are now also some questions coming along and making us wonder a lot.

On the other side, we have been already hearing a lot of intriguing things about Star Trek‘s future as well including the new movies being set on Earth entirely or even the next installment would skip theaters and be exclusive to Paramount+, and more. But none of them have been confirmed by Paramount so far as well. So with this latest announcement, this speculation and guessing games will go higher much more, no doubt.

But still, we know for sure that most of the fans are hoping this upcoming movie of the Star Trek franchise will be Kelvinverse saga’s continuation as its fourth entry since there have been rumors wandering around for years as so. Chris Pine has looked like earlier that he was happy to return as James T. Kirk and now the recent rumors are also suggesting that this fourth film would reunite Kirk with his father, played by Chris Hemsworth. So after Paramount’s latest announcement, we came to wonder about are those plans still on the table or are some of them to be changed along the process? All those questions and more actually lead to just one point and one question, what direction is the franchise going?

Thereby, this new Star Trek movie will much likely entail what Paramount just has announced, just a new movie but nothing more. Cause if it were to be Kelvinverse saga’s continuation, Paramount would have made the announcement by indicating so, too. So despite all of the uncertain details that remain, it seems this new Star Trek movie might going to be a whole new direction for the franchise. And we will see all together what direction will it be exactly in time.

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  1. “But still, we know for sure that most of the fans are hoping this upcoming movie of the Star Trek franchise will be Kelvinverse saga’s continuation”

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