The Walking Dead star Negan’s spin-off is really on the table

The Walking Dead actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has recently guested on Conan. During an interview, the actor revealed that the beloved character Negan’s spin-off is really on the table.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has appeared on Conan to discuss The Walking Dead‘s eleventh and final season that is scheduled to release on August 22th, 2021. Morgan was also asked about the rumors of spin-off series featuring Negan that have been wandering around for a long time. And after long-lasted speculations, the beloved actor didn’t overlook the questions anymore on Negan’s story continuation and confirmed that a Negan spin-off is really being talked about.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan told Conan that:

“It’s definitely being talked about. I think they’re thinking of a couple of different ideas, but I’ve definitely had conversations about possibly continuing the story of Negan. You know, we just did the ‘Here’s Megan’s story, which is sort of the prequel how Negan became this guy, and I shot that with my wife which was so cool.”

Morgan starred with his actress wife Hilarie Burton, who played as Negan’s ill wife Lucille, in ‘Here’s Negan,’ along with showing off a whole new face of Negan. This new face of Negan was actually a caring and devoted husband who does anything to protect his love from walkers instead of the wise but brutal killer man that we knew earlier. And now, it seems more promising Negan getting a spin-off after all that long-lasted rumors, so Morgan says.

On the other side, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has also revealed earlier that Negan spin-off involving his backstory had been in the works ever since he joined the series.

“We had talked about it a hundred different ways, whether it would be a miniseries, film, or if we could somehow work it into the show. And then when these pandemic six episodes happened, as we call them, it just seemed like a decent fit to the kind of go in there on its own and be standalone,” he said.


So the upcoming and final season of The Walking Dead will air with eight episodes that are to lead the series into an expanded 24 episodes. The beloved and hit series first debuted October 31st, 2010, on AMC, based on the Image Comics series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The show also has another spin-off series and movies on its long-running years along with it such as Fear the Walking Dead, which is also renewed for its season 7 as well, the two-season limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and other movie projects of the franchise are on their way too. And the original series, unfortunately, comes to an end day by day, and we are closer to it more than ever since we finally learned The Walking Dead season 11 release date as well.

Ultimately, there is also a new anthology series coming along with Negan spin-off, titled ‘Tales of the Walking Dead,‘ centering around Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes. And not to forget about other spin-off series focused on Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier, seemingly to premiere in 2023.

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