Twitter officially announces its new feature Spaces, which resembles Clubhouse

Twitter‘s new feature Spaces has been in talks for some time, and now they officially announced that it’s coming soon to the popular social media platform.

Clubhouse is a social media platform only on iOS, in which people can voice chat with each other, and no more. People can listen to other people talking in particular rooms with Clubhouse, which has been enormously popular especially in the past few months. Now, it seems like Twitter is adding a Clubhouse-like feature to itself, named Spaces, coming soon.

As we earlier mentioned in the article, we already knew the feature was being developed for some time, and Twitter was getting ready to announce it. It did now, sharing a video about Spaces. Giving us a sneak peek at “what everybody’s talking about”, the video Twitter shared about Spaces says “Stay tuned for more!”, implying that we’re going to learn much more about Spaces in the following weeks.

Twitter Spaces officially announced, coming soon

As we see from the video, Spaces will be where the Fleets are right now, the former probably preceding the latter. That resembles Instagram, in which we see Stories after live streams, both being in the same slot.

When we click on a Space, we see all the people in it and hear the chatter, also being able to react to people with emojis. People seemingly have different roles in Spaces, such as HostSpeaking, and Listener. It is most likely a permission feature, with which Twitter intends the hosts to organize their Spaces.

The feature is now in test mode, but Twitter has announced that it’s coming soon, and everyone will be able to start their own Space. People seem neither too psyched nor too reluctant for the feature, many are neutral, indicating that the feature is likely to take on among Twitter users.

What do you think about Twitter Spaces? Are you planning on using it?

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