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Paul Gilbert Talks About His New Solo Album ‘Werewolves of Portland’

Paul Gilbert has recently announced his new solo album ‘Werewolves of Portland’ with a press release. Gilbert talks about his efforts on the 16th solo studio album that features him as he plays all instruments. He also talks about the album’s lead single, “Argument About Pie,” which he is currently streaming as well, and more.

The talented musician Paul Gilbert launched his solo career in 1996 and since then he has released numerous solo albums along with featuring in numerous collaborations. Gilbert has also guest appearances on other musicians’ albums, too. And now he announces that he is coming with his 16th solo studio album, “Werewolves of Portland,” which is scheduled to release on June 4 via The Players Club. The album was recorded at Opal Studio in Portland along with Kevin Hahn‘s co-producing and engineering.

Paul Gilbert plays all the instruments by himself

Paul Gilbert states his efforts for his new album on the press statement:

“It took me about six months to think of it, but it finally occurred to me that I could play all the instruments myself. I’ve always loved playing drums, and I can play bass and keyboards well enough to get the job done.”

So, the talented musician has really put a serious effort and proves how talented he is one more time as well. Afterward, Gilbert continues and also adds more details of the instruments and gear he used on Werewolves of Portland.

“I mostly used my Ibanez Fireman guitars. I’ve been collecting vintage Ibanez guitars lately, too. I brought some models from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s like the Ibanez Artist, Roadstar II, and Ghostrider.

I also brought and modified a ’60s Epiphone Olympic. I used to play those in the early days of RACER X, so it was fun to have a guitar that reminded me of my early shredder style,” says Paul Gilbert focusing on the songs’ instruments and gear.

He also focuses on the lead single, Argument About Pie

After his announcement of his upcoming album, Paul Gilbert also mentions the lead single of the album and gives more detail about its songs and more as well.

“Most of my titles come from the lyrics that I write in order to get a melody going. I’ve even printed the lyrics in the liner notes of the album, so you can read along as you listen to the music.”

Gilbert also expresses that this single is one of his favorite ones along with telling more detail how it has occurred in the first place.

“‘Argument About Pie’ is one of my favorites. This lyric came from my pre-lockdown experiences of stopping by my local pie shop for a slice of strawberry rhubarb. Amidst all the brewing angst in Portland, the pie shop was a place where everyone was happy and at peace. Eating pie seemed to be something that everyone could agree on.

Since my mind has the habit of searching for contrasts, I started to wonder what people might be against eating pie.”

Here’s the tracklist of Paul Gilbert upcoming album, Werewolves of Portland:

  • 1. Hello North Dakota!
  • 2. My Goodness
  • 3. Werewolves of Portland
  • 4. Professorship at the Leningrad Conservatory
  • 5. Argument About Pie
  • 6. Meaningful
  • 7. I Wanna Cry (Even Though I Ain’t Sad)
  • 8. A Thunderous Ovation Shook the Columns
  • 9. Problem-Solving People
  • 10. (You Would Not Be Able To Handle) What I Handle Every Day

You can also check out via Amazon, and give pre-order if you wish. You can also take a look here for more music news.

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