Ranking all of the Enter Shikari Albums

Enter Shikari, a band that may best be known from the MySpace era has always been a highly interesting band, with their use of sounds literally no other band has ever or will ever use, with the extensive use of equipment that the band incorporates into their music. The band hail from the U.K. where they have their largest following but even in the United States and most other parts of the world, Enter Shikari has a huge following, fans, and supports. Below, we’ve gone into ranking all of the Enter Shikari albums, as well as their expansive sound and growth as a band truly unlike any other.

6. Common Dreads

“Common Dreads” could most be compared to Enter Shikari’s debut full-length “Take to the Skies”, but compared to the debut album, “Common Dreads” didn’t expand upon Enter Shikari’s unique elements and overall the album felt more like a b-side companion album to Take to the Skies over the next step in the band’s career. The evolution in sound presented in the band’s work after “Common Dreads” evolved so drastically per release that the lack of progression between the first two releases was shocking when compared today. Overall, Enter Shikari used “Common Dreads” to bring out their most metalcore roots but after that release, they were pushed out more and more but were kept as a strong basis for the band’s music, outside of being electronic heavy.

5. A Flash Flood of Colour

“A Flash Flood of Colour” overall was the most expansive sound presented on a single Enter Shikari album as the sounds were almost entirely evolved from those previous heard with the heavy experimenters. Enter Shikari has always made their live shows something entirely separate from what you’d expect on an album from the band as they tend to mix their songs live and incorporate very interesting elements that aren’t present on the original tracks. Overall, while “A Flash Flood of Colour” was a highly interesting album, it came up as fifth in our ranking of all Enter Shikari albums as it may have been one of the wildest rides the band has provided but it hasn’t held up as well as even some more recent albums have.

4. Take to the Skies

“Take to the Skies” may have been one of the most monumental albums of Enter Shikari’s career as the album was the band’s first full-length and introduced an entire generation to a sound that felt like it didn’t exist. Enter Shikari have always had a unique electronic hardcore sound but their metalcore roots are most strongly attached to “Take to the Skies” and “Common Dreads” but “Take to the Skies” overall compared more strongly to the current era of the band. Overall, “Take to the Skies” featured the most well-known and fan-favorite song the band has ever released with “Sorry, You’re Not a Winner”.

3. The Mindsweep

Outside of “A Flash Flood of Colour”, “The Mindsweep” felt like the most experimentation that the band had incorporated on a record since A Flash Flood of Colour which was rereleased as a 30+ track expansive, remix-filled super deluxe re-entry into the strangeness that Enter Shikari has presented since their first demo. “The Mindsweep” may have been the perfect combination of every previous era of Enter Shikari, as well as the beginning of a new sound, as heard in “The Spark” and beyond. Overall, “The Mindsweep” felt like Enter Shikari revisited whatever inspired them to write such a free and loose album as “A Flash Flood of Colour”.

2. The Spark

Compared to most of Enter Shikari’s albums, “The Spark” was perhaps the calmest at times but then tracks such as “Rabble Rouser” pivot most of the previously heard tracks and just cements that Enter Shikari are almost constantly experimenting with their music. At most points through “The Spark”, the album felt the most outside of Enter Shikari’s usual, expected sound. Overall, “The Spark” felt, exactly as it was intended and as many Enter Shikari albums seemed to follow a theme of revolution, or the inspiration of revolution but “The Spark” itself felt the most revolutionary of all from beginning to end.

1. Nothing is True and Everything is Possible

“Nothing is True and Everything is Possible” was the most recent full-length album from Enter Shikari, having been released in 2020, the band also released another variation of the album that featured acoustic tracks, as well as “at home”, and “from the woods” live tracks from a more acoustic, intimate perspective. Overall, while Enter Shikari has always been experimental and extremely out-of-boundaries but with “Nothing is True and Everything is Possible” was the most cemented sound of revolution and experimentation that the band has ever produced.

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