How many gamers play Apex Legends in 2021?

One of the most popular battle royale genre games, Apex Legends is continuing to rock the charts on many platforms. If you are curious how many gamers play it until today?

Apex Legends is certainly a popular game, and it is adding more and more players thanks to the new platforms the game is getting on. It was added to Steam earlier, boosting the players count up high as the game had only been available on Origin on PC prior to this.

Then came the announcement for the Switch version and the start of its new season, propelling Apex Legends game players count to the moon. There are sure many gamers playing it, but how many players are approximately playing it this year? Let us check out the available numbers.

Apex Legends player count

Even though the game is on many platforms including Switch, Xbox, PS, and PC (both Origin and Steam), the only data available we can rely on is Steam’s data. Therefore, we cannot give an accurate estimation as to how many total players are playing the game, but at least we know the player number on Steam.

The game was released on Steam in November 2020, and its concurrent player count peaked at 228.000 three days ago. That record is expected to be broken any time, as there has been a steady growth in Apex Legends game players also count on Steam ever since it released.

How many gamers play Apex Legends in 2021?

This was the peak but there’s also the average number of concurrent players. According to Steamcharts, an average of 126,760.7 players played Apex Legends in the last thirty days. As we can see from the figures, the numbers are going up every month and the number of gamers playing the game is still expected to go up every day.

Cross-play support for the new platforms and a mobile version scheduled for later in 2021 is sure a good catalyst for the game’s upward momentum.

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