Did You Know Rick Ross Owns 100 Cars But Doesn’t Have His Driver’s License?

Rick Ross

Rick Ross is one celebrity who has never shied away from flaunting his massive wealth. Therefore, you should not be surprised that he owns an extensive collection of cars and lives in a Georgian estate spanning 44,000 square feet. However, did you know Rick Ross owns 100 cars but doesn’t have his driver’s license? As shocking as it may seem, it is true because we usually assume that people get their licenses as soon as they hit the legal age. Still, this mogul has only now decided it is time to start the process of getting his driver’s license, so let’s tell you more about it.

Obsession with Cars

In 2014, RIDES published an interview that Ross had with the magazine in 2006. The rapper said that as a child, his mother had a car, and as he rode in the back seat, he would admire the expensive vehicles such as the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, his first memory of a vehicle. At the time, such costly cars belonged to drug dealers, and Ross thought the only way he could ever lay his hands on one was by becoming a drug dealer. Fortunately, he became wiser as he got older, and his new obsession became a Chevrolet. By the time he was doing that 2006 interview, he was the proud owner of a 1973 Caprice Classic convertible. That is not to say he had not bought other cars because he also disclosed he had Rolls-Royce Phantom. However, his pride was the convertible because he had managed to accomplish his dream. He was inspired to get a large collection of cars while working at a car wash. Ross worked at a car wash, where expensive vehicles would be driven to be cleaned. So later, when he had money, he started collecting all the cars he used to admire hence his 100 car collection. Some of the vehicles include a BMW 760Li, Ferrari 458 Italia, Mercedes Benz S-Class, Bentley Brooklands, among many more.

One Car for Each Season

As per the interview with RIDE magazine, all the cars are driven for specific occasions. For instance, the convertible is for when he feels depressed, so he puts $80-worth of gas and drives around the streets. The stress is drowned in the music blasting from the $20,000 music system, which Ross bragged would wake up those living above the 15th floor. As you would expect, he is cautious about who gets to ride in his car. Even if passengers want to party in the vehicle, the rapper warns them not to because the leather seats are costly, and he would rather listen to the music. He gives the impression that he drives himself, so it comes as a surprise that he does not have a license. According to Complex, he shared his Instagram story asking who owns 100 cars but doesn’t have a driver’s license before proceeding to say he is filling the application for his driver’s license daily. He is not the only celebrity to own a car but not drive legally. Cardi B also has an impressive fleet but doesn’t have a driver’s license. When asked what’s the point of owning them if she can’t drive them, she said she wants to take pictures with them and rap about them without feeling like an imposter. Still, although he doesn’t have a license, the cars don’t sit in the garage until he gets one. He said that somebody paid him $20,000 to put five of his cars in front of something for a couple of hours and take pictures. Therefore, he is getting value for his money, saying that he has to get the most out of it if he is moving with it.

He Can Be Frugal

For Ross, being worth $40 million does not mean he gets to waste the hard-earned money. He came from a family that struggled; his mother had to work two or three jobs to put food on the table. Still, he admired the finer things in life; therefore, when he moved to Georgia, Ross became a neighbor to Evander Holyfield, a former heavyweight champion. The rapper would ride by the boxer’s house every day for years, and when he saw that it was up for sale, he bought it for $5.8 million. Ross did not know that the former professional boxing champion would spend $1 million to maintain the property. So when he bought the land, Ross decided he would cut his grass to avoid throwing money away. He went to John Deere looking for the biggest and most efficient tractor and bought it. It takes about five hours to cut the grass, but the rapper savors every moment because he has installed an air conditioning unit, radio, and tinted windows. It is his way of enjoying the wealth he has amassed because as he mows the lawn, he looks at what he has accomplished and appreciates it. Therefore, he urges anyone else who has some properties to do the same at least once in three months because of the peaceful sensation it brings. The frugality goes beyond mowing his lawns; the rapper prefers to fly commercial and shop from antique stores. Although he said that what he has should work for him, Ross is not interested in making profits so much that he gives up on what he treasures most. Therefore, even he admits that real estate is valuable and will always appreciate, he could not part with his land. Two months after buying the Promised Lands, he got an offer of $500,000, more than what he had paid, but the rapper would not sell it. The best investment is in oneself, so he encourages people to go after what will best utilize their energy because energy is more valuable than money, at least according to Ross.

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