SOAD drummer John Dolmayan talks about Metallica album
John Dolmayan – SOAD

System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan talks about his favorite Metallica album. In a recent interview, he also “10 Albums That Changed My Life”.

After the John Dolmayan released a self-titled album with his These Grey Men band earlier this year. In this album, he works with several famous musicians. A few days ago he also talks with Metal Hammer. In this interview, he mentions the “10 Albums That Changed My Life” while says the favorite metal and rock albums that made a life-changing impact on him.

However, John Dolmayan talks about Metallica album:

“Apart from the fact that there is no bass on it, it is the most complete set of songs that that band has ever written. The most complete, the most complex, there was so much fire in their bellies as they had just lost Cliff Burton.

So, I think emotionally it was where they were at their best. But, for me, it’s them at their most perfect, nothing can come before, and nothing has come since where they nailed it. They extended everything and for me, it is their apex.”

You can listen to John Dolmayan – These Grey Men: “Street Spirit” below.

Here’s the John Dolmayan 10 favorite album: 

Pink Floyd – The Wall
Radiohead – OK Computer
Iron Maiden – Powerslave
Faith No More – Album Of The Year
Slayer – South Of Heaven
Metallica – …And Justice For All
Chicago – VII
The Beatles – John’s Personal Beatles Mix Tape (his own personal playlist)
Rush – Hemispheres
The Who – Quadrophenia

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