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Ron McGovney: “Most disgusting song METALLICA ever recorded”

Ron McGovney is the original METALLICA bassist who also talks about band history. He was a member of the play in 1982 performing as well.

One of the YouTube channels recently sharing the Anti-Nowhere League’s punk classic So What? already METALLICA‘s S&M2 style. Israeli guitarist and YouTuber Valentin The Mad – the man behind the video of a bunch of singing death metal. He also working on this project for the new video.

After that video shared on the Louder Sound Twitter account, the old METALLICA bassist replied this with his original Twitter page.

“Most disgusting song METALLICA ever recorded. James Hetfield, guitarist/vocalist, and Lars Ulrich, drums played the single over and over on my turntable even though they knew I hated it. Not fun times.”

He also answered, “Did you like any of the punk stuff they were listening to, Ron?”:

“I listened to the Ramones. Saw them live several times. My band Phantasm played shows with punk bands including the Plasmatics.”

Ron McGovney also working on some of METALLICA‘s songs like “No Life ‘Til Leather” on the “Metal Massacre” compilation version of “Hit the Lights” tracks.

You can also order Ron McGovney‘s point at is the METALLICA‘s cover of Anti-Nowhere League‘s – “So What” track on here.

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