Sepultura bassist hints about “When is the possible retirement date?”

Sepultura bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. talks about when is the band might retire? He just talks in a recent interview with Metal Imperium and answered the questions.

The band already released on February 7th, their new album ‘Quadra‘ and the premiere first music video. After that, they will ready to start a worldwide tour in March. Now Sepultura’s bassist answered some questions. Before we get into this we can remember Sepultura was founded in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, back in 1984.  In this interview, they were asked if he and his bandmates have ever thought about retiring after a career that has already lasted more than 36 years.

Sepultura bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. responded:

“Not yet. I know this time will come, but there is still this motivation, this desire to be on the road. I know that we have been in the band for 36 years; it’s a long career. I know that time will come, but I hope it will take a few years yet. We still have health and energy to be on stage, which is what we love to do the most.”

Then he added:

“For me, it’s the best and most important part. Of course, a record marks a story, a period of our life, but the good thing, in my opinion, is to be on the road, to be traveling these countries, to present each album, to meet new people, different cultures. This is still very strong and present in our careers. I hope we will be on the road for a few more years. I don’t know how many, but you never know what might happen tomorrow. As long as we are healthy and strong, I believe we will continue on the road.”

Sepultura will start their upcoming 2020 tour in March with Sacred Reich, Crowbar, and Art Of Shock. Check out the first music video below.

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