Ranking All The Songs from the Sister Act Soundtrack

Sister Act

The movie Sister Act hit theatres in 1992. It was written by Paul Rudnick and directed by Emile Ardolino. The three leading ladies in the movie are Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, and Kathy Najimy. Although everyone who has a supporting role in the movie also stands out. One of the main reasons is the soundtrack. The instrumental portions of the score are extremely upbeat but it’s the music by Goldberg’s character Deloris and the Sisters that stands out. This is a ranking of all the songs from the Sister Act Soundtrack.

14. The Murder – Marc Shaiman


This song is in one of the heavier scenes of the movie. Shaiman does a great job with the composition but it doesn’t stand out as much as other songs on the list.

13. Deloris is Kidnapped – Marc Shaiman


Shaiman started his music career on Saturday Night Live in the 70s. Most likely this is why he wrote such an enduring instrumental score that didn’t get lost in all the iconic numbers.

12. Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) – Dee Dee Sharp


Sharp delivers another classic song from the 1960s. Much like gravy is the finishing touch for the popular side dish, this song was another hit for the singer. Even though the song may seem innocent from the title, it’s simply a way the singer snuck in more risque lyrics and still make them pop and radio-friendly.

11. Just A Touch of Love (every day) – C + C Music Factory


The group is best known for their smash hit Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) in 1991. It was also when the group was at the peak of its fame. So, it’s only fitting they would have a track on one of the most memorable movies of the early 90s.

10. Hail Holy Queen – Deloris and the Sisters


If you’ve seen the film at least once, you can picture Deloris singing with the nuns. Having those selections on the soundtrack allows the listener to picture the scenes while enjoying the amazing vocal pairings. The song is a reimagining of the traditional Catholic hymn; Salve Regina. Typically, you hear it at the end of funerals or sometimes around Easter. For this version, there is a lot of added percussion. One upside in the movie is that more parishioners show up for service.

9. Getting Into the Habit- Marc Shaiman


Over a decade after the movie was released, it became a Broadway sensation. The cross-generational appeal of the movie continues today.

8. Nuns to The Rescue – Marc Shaiman


Like the rest of the Sister Act Soundtrack, this is a song you just can’t help but get into. Even though there aren’t lyrics to sing along with, the beat will add a little more energy to your day.

7. The Lounge Medley – Marc Shaiman


Many of the songs are standouts because they are so much fun to sing along; Shaiman’s contributions are a wonderful break in between the sing-alongs to relax your voice. This is a big standout on the soundtrack because it is such a contrast to the music done by Deloris and the Sisters. For this sequence in the movie, the group starts their stage show with Vandella’s song, Heat Wave.

6. Finale: I Will Follow Him (Chariot) – Deloris and the Sisters


Whoopi Goldberg Shot this movie during the peak of her career. This tune is the perfect end to the movie. It’s also a track you want to add to your Need a Boost playlist. For those old enough to remember owning one, this is a song best played loud on your Walkman.

5. My Guy (My God) – Deloris and the Sisters


One of the things Deloris does when she is hiding out at the convent is shaken things up. She brings a unique spin to what traditional music is. Even though it reenergizes the community, sets some of the nuns on edge initially. But, in the spirit of early 90s family comedies, they overcome their reservations and the result is this gem.

4. Rescue Me – Fontella Bass


This song was initially released in 1965. She co-wrote it with Raynard Miner and Carl William Smith. However, it would be two decades before she’d see songwriting credit for this song. It was the singer’s most well-known single. After she recorded the song much quicker than expected, many compared her to Aretha Franklin. According to ABC, many artists covered the song but it was the biggest career changer for Fontella Bass.

3. Shout – Deloris and The Sisters and The Ronelle’s


The Ronelles are a fictionalized version of the group The Ronettes who play at The Moonlite Club in Reno Nevada. Their manager is Deloris’ boyfriend who stays outside the lines; what the premise of the movie hinges on. This song blends all the best musical acts of the movie.

2. If My Sister’s In Trouble – Lady Soul


This song ends the soundtrack. IT’s rumored the tune was written for the movie. After all, the music video features a large portion of the storyline. Other than this song, none were written just for the movie but it didn’t stop the Sister Act Soundtrack from being such an enduring staple in people’s music collections.

1. Roll With Me Henry – Etta James


This is how the song is listed on the Sister Me Soundtrack. It is also known as The Wallflower. The singer decided to change the title to avoid censorship since James knew the title was suggestive. The song is also in another classic movie; Back to the Future.

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