10 Awesome Songs about Sons Growing Up

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Some parents find it hard to accept when their son has grown up since there are certain life changes that occur. For instance, if the son is an adult, the parents may experience empty nest syndrome when he moves out. According to Very Well Family, the symptoms of empty nest syndrome include a loss of purpose, emotional distress, and anxiety. All in all, you must accept that changes generally occur when sons grow up. However, the changes are not always a bad thing. There are songs that tackle the subject of sons growing up, and you will soon accept that your son is growing up. Which songs are these, you may ask? Here are the top ten best songs about sons growing up.

10. Blessed – Elton John (1995)

In this song, a father has hopes and dreams for his sons. Interestingly, they are yet to be born. He acknowledges that even though they are not yet born, he will soon rely on the sons when he becomes old. This song challenges the listener to accept that your son will grow up at some point, whether they are young or unborn. When you accept this inevitable change, you will not find it hard to accept when your son finally grows up.

9. Boy – Lee Brice (2017)

A father notifies his son of some things he will do as he grows up. For instance, he mentions that he may break people’s hearts. Breaking people’s hearts is commonly understood in the context of romantic relationships, but you can also break your parent’s hearts. Also, he mentions that the son may grow up to be as stubborn as his mother. According to Asheville Academy, stubbornness is typical in teenagers, and one reason a son may exhibit stubbornness is the natural urge to separate themselves from their parents. So, this song prepares parents to expect possible negative behavior from their sons as they grow up.

8. A Song for My Son – Mikki Viereck (1991)

This song is about a mother who acknowledges how fast his son has grown up. She is nostalgic about the times when his son was a boy and is now a man waiting to get married. The mother advises his son on how to behave in his marriage. She reminds him to be sweet, gentle, and kind to his wife.

7. Beautiful Boy – John Lennon (1981)

John dedicated this song to his then five-year-old son. Although some parents wouldn’t want to imagine their sons growing up, John seems to be in the opposite camp. He acknowledges that even though it will take a while for him to come of age, he will remain patient. As heartwarming as the song is, John did not live to see his son grow up since Mark David Chapman murdered him in 1980. Mark committed the heinous act due to John’s controversial statement where he claimed the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.

6. You Will Always Be My Son – Anthem Lights (2017)

In this song, a father seems eager to see how his son will turn up after he grows up. Even though he is eager to see him grow up, he is conflicted since that means he would end up letting him go. However, he is still ready to accept that reality and acknowledges that the life changes that occur do not hinder him from being the boy’s father. Also, the father acknowledges that his son will make mistakes, but he reassures the son that he will still love him.

5. 7 Years – Lukas Graham (2015)

Lukas reflects on his parent’s behaviors as he grows up. For instance, the parents remind him to start making friends and get married. Although not all sons get married for varying reasons, it is commonly understood that a son is grown up when he gets married. However, marriage does not necessarily make a person more or less mature.

4. There Goes My Life – Kenny Chesney (2003)

As your son grows up, we assume they will assume parental duties in adulthood. However, sometimes your son may grow up too fast and become a parent in their teens. This song focuses on a teenage boy who impregnates a teenage girl. After the birth of their child, the boy assumes his parental duties as expected. Although he acknowledges he made a mistake becoming a young father, he grows to love her as a long-term partner.

3. That’s No Way to Get Along – Robert Wilkins (1929)

In this song, a woman is informed about how other women mistreated his son. As a result, he grows to be as cold-hearted as the women who mistreated him. This song reminds us that your son may end up with poor behavior if he is surrounded by negative people. It is upon the parent to ensure they are with the right people.

2. Simple Man – Lynyrd Skynyrd (1973)

This song is about a mother who advises their son on how to behave as he grows up. For instance, she advises her son to be satisfied with his little wealth and not chase after it. It is not uncommon for adults to get money by all means necessary, even if it means committing a crime. She also reminds him that in the future, he will find a woman who will love him, but reminds him that meanwhile, God loves him.

1. Anything Like Me – Brad Paisley (2009)

Brad expresses that there is a chance that his son may pick up bad habits from him, e.g., staying out too late or driving too fast. Although some sons may outgrow these bad habits as they grow up, some do not. The singer, therefore, accepts that some sons do not outgrow their bad behavior, which is a reality some may not want to accept.


These songs about sons growing up challenge us to accept that things may turn out well or bad for them. Even though things turn out badly, you have to be confident that your son will find a way to resolve the issue. We hope these songs will help you accept the reality of sons growing up.

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