10 Awesome Songs for Line Dances

Line Dancing

A line dance is a choreographed dance in which people dance to a repeated sequence of steps. Unlike circle dancing, line dancers do not make contact with each other. Though choreographed, you do not need to be a perfect dancer. People who do line dances usually do it for pleasure and not to entertain others. It is no wonder that line dances are popular in celebratory events and gatherings. You may be wondering which songs are good for line dances. Perhaps you have an event coming up, or you simply want something to dance to. Worry not, as we are going to mention those songs now. Here are the top ten awesome songs for line dances.

10. Save a Horse- Big & Rich (2004)

This song is a musical fusion of country rap and rock, and it does not disappoint. It became instantly popular when it was released. According to Country Fancast, it blew up after ESPN used it to promote the 2004 World Series of Poker. It is impressive how the song became popular despite its suggestive lyrics in the chorus. The lyrics talk about riding a cowboy, which makes for a clever double entendre.

9. Gangnam Style- PSY (2012)

This may have been the first song to introduce Western audiences to Korean pop. Even though you do not understand Korean, you cannot help but appreciate its catchy dance move. Plus, the music video has comedic moments like PSY screaming at a woman’s bottom. Or when he lets a person dance above him in an elevator. The beauty of this song is that the Gangnam style is easy to do. So, you will rarely look awkward doing it, even if you are a poor dancer.

8. Man! I Feel Like a Woman- Shania Twain (1999)

This catchy country song has a rather sad backstory. According to Smooth Radio, the lyrics are based on her personal experience working at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario. She worked this job to support her siblings after their parents died in a car crash. Though she could have released this song with a sad melody, we are grateful she made the song upbeat. When it debuted on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart, it was number 53. It became the highest debut for the week.

7. Macarena- Los Del Rio (1996)

Gangnam style went viral, but it does not compare to this one. This song was endlessly parodied, featured in commercials, and Hillary Clinton danced it during the 1996 DNC rally. Despite being overplayed, the song has still not lost its mojo. The song is so addictive that people forget about its subject matter. According to HuffPost, the song is about a woman who cheats on her boyfriend. She justifies her actions by claiming he went away for days.

6. Cotton Eye Joe- Rednex (1994)

With an upbeat song like this, you wouldn’t know it is a tragic one. The song is about a man named Cotton Eye Joe who sleeps with several women. It turns out he had an STD. When the women realize this, they become heartbroken. Some end up dying from the illness. Due to their illness, they cannot get men to like them. They, therefore, regret sleeping with him.

5. Should’ve Been a Cowboy -Toby Keith (1993)

This song is about a man who wishes he could get women to like him by becoming a cowboy. Specifically, he wants to be like Roy Rogers or Gene Autry. Roy and Gene were famous Western stars from the 1950s. These actors played womanizers in films, so Toby hopes to be like them. However, he says, “stealing women’s hearts,” which doesn’t sound as bad as saying, “I want to be a womanizer.”

4. Cha Cha Slide- DJ Casper (2000)

Here is a song for the bad dancers, and the artist seems to acknowledge that. He decides to teach the routine by explaining how you should move your feet. The artist’s voice is commanding, so you actually feel like he is your gym instructor. Some songs make a particular move the focus throughout the song. However, this song attempts to cover as many moves as possible.

3. Copperhead Road- Steve Earle (1988)

The song starts off with a slow guitar riff. If you do not listen until the bridge, you will think it will be slow throughout. Once the bridge sets in, the riff becomes faster, and you instantly feel like dancing. This song focuses on a family that produces moonshine. The song goes into some detail explaining the processes of how the family is making the moonshine. By listening to the lyrics, this setting could be during the Prohibition era. It explains why the family is later being pursued by the police.

2. In My Feelings- Drake (2018)

Most love songs tend to be too slow for dancing. Drake succeeds in making this love song more upbeat than other songs. The song is about him wondering whether particular women love him. He is able to express his desperation in the chorus when he begs the women. By listening to his heartfelt singing, you would begin to forget he is a rapper.

1. Thriller- Michael Jackson (1984)

This song amazes you in every way. You have to admire the late artist for his creativity. Typically, in movies, zombies creep and try to devour people’s brains. However, in this video, he dances with them. The artist demonstrates his creativity by using the word “thriller.” In the music video, Michael and his girlfriend watch a scary movie called “Thriller.” However, it is also a double-entendre for how much he wants to thrill her with his love. It explains why he sings about scary situations to her.


Thinking of the best songs for line dancing can be hard. Hopefully, this list has helped you identify other songs to use for your subsequent line dances. Also, we hope you will find them as exciting as we did. The purpose of these songs is usually to help you relax or learn some dance routines. Shockingly, some songs in this list convey deep messages despite seeming upbeat.

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