Ranking All the Songs from the Notting Hill Soundtrack

Shania Twain

‘Notting Hill’ is a 1999 romantic comedy written by Richard Curtis, directed by Roger Michell, and produced by Duncan Kenworthy. It stars Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, with supporting actors including Rhys Ifans, Gina McKee, Emma Chambers, Hugh Bonneville, and Tim McInnerny. It was the highest-grossing British film of all time. The movie was nominated for multiple awards, winning a British Comedy Award. One of the features of the film for which it received praise was its soundtrack, which won a Brit Award. Trevor Jones wrote the original movie score, with snippets of his music appearing throughout the film. These were formulated into two full tracks for the soundtrack album and were called ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘Will and Anna.’ A further 11 songs feature on the soundtrack, which were released by the artists as well as featuring in the movie. Here are the songs from the ‘Notting Hill’ soundtrack ranked.

11. Blue Moon, The Marcels


‘Blue Moon’ is a song that appears in the Notting Hill soundtrack, although blink and you will miss it in the film. Bernie and Tony play the song on the piano in the restaurant scene where the group of friends has dinner together to mark the night Tony’s restaurant closes. Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart wrote the song in 1934. Although many people have performed the song, it first became a big hit when it was recorded by The Marcels in 1961.

10. Everything About You, Steve Poltz


‘Everything About You’ is a song written and recorded in 1999 by country singer Steve Poltz, says Lyrics.com. It was the tenth of 15 tracks on his album ‘One Left Shoe.’

9. I Do (Cherish You), 98 Degrees


‘I Do (Cherish You)’ was written by Dan Hill and Keith Stegall, and it was recorded first by Mark Wills in 1998. However, the 1999 version recorded by the American vocal group 98 degrees featured on the soundtrack for ‘Notting Hill.’ Their version peaked at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

8. From the Heart, Another Level


Another Level recorded ‘From the Heart’ specifically for the ‘Notting Hill’ soundtrack. It also featured on the band’s second album ‘Nexus,’ released in 1999. The single peaked at number six on the UK Singles Chart.

7. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, Al Green


The Bee Gees were the first to record ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’ in 1971. Barry and Robin Gibb wrote the song, and it became their first number-one hit in the United States. Al Green recorded his version of the song a year later, and it is this version that is used in the ‘Notting Hill’ soundtrack. It is also on the soundtracks of films such as ‘Good Will Hunting,’ ‘The Virgin Suicides,’ ‘and ‘Sex and the City.’

6. When You Say Nothing at All, Ronan Keating


‘When You Say Nothing at All’ was initially recorded in 1988 by Keith Whitely, and Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz wrote it. Ronan Keating recorded his version, especially for the soundtrack of ‘Notting Hill,’ and it was his debut solo single, which also featured on his debut solo album ‘Ronan.’ The single topped the charts in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand.

5. No Matter What, Boyzone


‘No Matter What’ was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Jim Steinman for the 1996 musical ‘Whistle Down the Wind.’ Two years later, it was recorded by Irish boyband Boyzone. It was a number one hit on the UK singles chart. The song was only released in the United States after it was included in the soundtrack for the American release of ‘Notting Hill.’

4. Ain’t No Sunshine, Bill Withers


After Anna leaves and Will walks alone down Portobello Road, Bill Withers’ ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ plays in the background. Bill Withers recorded the song for his 1971 album ‘Just As I Am.’ It became his breakthrough hit, peaking at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. Many other artists have covered this song, including Michael Jackson, Budka Suflera, and Boris Gardner. Rockmelons did a cover of the track that featured Deni Hines, while Des’ree featured in the Black Mambazo’s version of the song.

3. Gimme Some Lovin’, The Spencer Davis Group


‘Gimme Some Lovin” features in one of the most memorable scenes of Notting Hill, when Will and his friends chase through London to tell Anna that he loves her and wants her to stay in England. The song was performed by the British rock band The Spencer Group in 1966, and it was co-written by Steve Winwood, Spencer Davis, and Mutt Winwood. This song has also been used in the soundtracks of films including ‘Days of Thunder,’ ‘Rush,’ ‘Sing,’ ‘Big Chill,’ and ‘The Fight of the Phoenix.’

2. You’ve Got a Way, Shania Twain


Country singer Shania Twain and her record producer husband Mutt Lange as the ninth single from her third studio album ‘Come On Over.’ It was a top ten hit in Canada, a top 20 hit in the United States, and it was nominated for a Grammy Award for Song of the Year. Twain performed a remix version of the song for the soundtrack of Notting Hill.

1. She, Elvis Costello


‘She’ is the best song from the ‘Notting Hill’ soundtrack. It is played in both the opening and closing credits of ‘Notting Hill.’ Originally, they used Charles Aznavour’s version of the song, but the audience at the American test screening did not respond well to the song. Elvis Costello was then asked to record a version of the song. While the United States release of the film only features Elvis Costello’s recording, the non-US release of the movie features both versions.

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