The 10 Best Paul Overstreet Songs of All-Time

Paul Overstreet

Paul Overstreet is an American country singer and songwriter. As a songwriter, he has written songs for many artists. According to All Music, Paul has written hit songs for Tanya Tucker, George Jones, Randy Travis, and Marie Osmond. He began writing songs when he was a teenager, which explains why he is so good at it. Besides writing songs for others, he has written songs for himself. As a singer, he has successfully had 16 singles on the Billboard country charts between 1982 and 2005. With such success, there is no doubt that he has good songs. You do not believe us. Here are the ten best Paul Overstreet songs of all time.

10. Heroes (1991)

Who is a hero to you? If you asked a child this question, they would think of television superheroes. Technically, they wouldn’t be wrong. This song expands on the concept of heroes by talking about everyday heroes like our parents. In the first verse, he talks about a father who is busy at work. He does what he can to finish early so that he can come and play with his son. In the second verse, he acknowledges women who take care of their children.

9. Billy Can’t Read (1991)

Illiteracy is a rather significant problem in the United States. According to Think Impact, a study revealed that 79% of American adults are illiterate. Since illiteracy is a problem that needs to be addressed, we should be grateful for this song for addressing it. In this song, Billy’s illiteracy causes him some problems. He feels ashamed that he pretends he can read. Despite his illiteracy, he is so hard working at his job that his boss is pleased with him.

8. Seeing My Father in Me (1990)

This song focuses on a man who realizes that he is slowly acting like his father. That can be either a good or a bad thing, depending on what kind of person the father is. In this song, he focuses more on his mannerisms, like walking and talking. As the song continues, it is clear the man is shocked that he is turning into his father. When he was younger, he would call his father old-fashioned. Amazingly, he becomes the very thing he mocked.

7. All the Fun (1987)

In this song, a man is having a great time with his colleagues at work. After a hard day’s work, the workers unwind by drinking. The man then alerts his colleagues that he must go back home. His colleagues wonder why he is in a hurry to go to his wife. He tells them that although they are having fun, he enjoys having fun with his wife more. The song illustrates that you can have fun with your wife besides your friends. Also, it challenges you to respect your spouse by not coming home late.

6. What God Has Joined Together (1989)

Divorce rates are becoming high in the United States. According to WF, nearly 50% of Americans end in divorce. Though there are legitimate reasons for divorce, like infidelity, some people divorce due to resolvable life challenges. When you listen to this song, you will not see the need to divorce for the latter reasons. In the song, a couple reminisces on the day they first got married. They had challenges in their marriages, which they successfully resolved. It is implied that the marriage has lasted for several years.

5. Long Line of Love (1987)

This song focuses on a family that has been successful in their marriages. It begins with a man proposing marriage to a woman, and she accepts. After that, he talks about his grandparents’ and parents’ successful marriages. He hopes that they can maintain the pattern. Later, the couple marries and births a son. The son grows up to be an adult and considers marriage. Of course, the couple hopes their son’s marriage will be successful.

4. Daddy’s Come Around (1990)

The song is about a man who habitually comes home intoxicated to his family. Since he would go every night, his wife would be left with the burden of caring for the children. The woman puts an end to the man’s behavior by changing the locks. Once she lets him in the house, she lays some ground rules. The man promptly changes his behavior and begins coming home early. Additionally, he washes the dishes and becomes more romantic.

3. Take Another Run (1992)

In this song, a man addresses a woman about the importance of facing some challenges head-on. He uses a mountain as a metaphor for a challenge one must overcome. When you are at the bottom, you will find climbing it impossible. However, once you climb it, you will not find it challenging to climb the next time. The same can be said of any challenge you may encounter. Once you solve it, you will not feel powerless when you encounter it again.

2. Till the Answer Comes (1992)

Some people ask for things in prayer and give up when their prayer is unanswered. To their shock, their prayers may be answered after losing hope. The song encourages the person to pray persistently for what you need. God is not a human being who gets troubled by people’s endless prayer requests.

1. We’ve Got to Keep on Meeting Like This (1996)

In this song, a man professes his love to a woman. The song manages not to sound like a clichéd love song. In most love songs today, the focus ends up being on sex. The man expresses his desire to be a woman passionately. However, he lets her know that she is his best friend. That means he does not see her as a sex object.

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