South Park 25th Anniversary Concert

South Park renewed for three new seasons at Comedy Central

“South Park” has not only been a show known for its raunchiness and direct way of tackling current events, but has also had a large number of guests on the show from actors, musicians, and more, even from its earliest stages from Jennifer Anniston to Korn and of course Primus. With such guests, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have made some friends along the way and some of those friends are going to be helping with an upcoming concert to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their greatest franchise, “South Park”25th anniversary of their greatest franchise, “South Park”. Below, we’ve gone over all the details of the upcoming concert set to honor the Comedy Central adult-animated comedy sitcom that has long been breaking borders and boundaries.

South Park

“South Park”started in 1997 and has only grown monumentally since then with a feature-length film that hit theaters not long into the show’s existence to the current format of shorter seasons than previously done and several special episodes every year that supply viewers with a heavy storyline. While the show has never left Comedy Central, recently the show struck deals with HBO Max, before striking another deal with Paramount, the parent company of Comedy Central. Over the years “South Park” has changed its format, graphics, voices, characters themselves and so much more over the years of the show, but the one thing that never changed was the range of topics the show would cover and the attitude in which it handled them.

South Park Musical Connections

From the earliest incarnation of the “South Park” theme song from Primus, several other versions have been recorded from the show by Primus as well. At one point in the history of “South Park”, the show had Primus record a new theme song for every season of the show, but the song gets re-recorded much less often these days. As stated above, Korn has also appeared on”South Park” as a weird Scooby-Doo styled mystery solving group for a Halloween episode, but they aren’t slated for the event lineup.

Possible South Park Songs for 25th Anniversary Concert

With such an event tailored to South Park, and Primus not providing much in the realm of music for South Park outside of the theme song, it’s likely that the two musicians, as well as Trey Parker and Matt Stone, will perform songs from the history of the series. While the show has had many songs throughout the years, none may be as monumental as the songs written and performed for the “South Park Movie: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut”. With such popularity associated with the songs from a nearly 20 year old movie, it’s likely that those will be the least of what fans can expect, at least when it comes to original music for”South Park”. Some of the most noteworthy songs from the”South Park” movie include, “Kyle’s Mom”, “Uncle Fucka”, “Blame Canada” and several others included in the film have become long-standing favorites among fans. Favorite songs from the series that have remained with fans include Butters’ rendition of “What What In The Butt”, “Fingerbang”, “Casa Bonita”, “Ballad of James Cameron”, and the countless other original songs and renditions that the series has created. Once upon a time when Chef was a beloved regular on the show and the characters friend needed some help, Chef-Aid was born as a fundraiser to help save him from financial trouble, of course making a joke at the expense of Queen’s Live Aid, which brought the most amount of musical guests in one episode of “South Park” than any other.

South Park 25th Anniversary Concert Details

As if fans weren’t already excited to attend the “South Park” 25th Anniversary Concert, a second date was recently added to the already interesting and unique event. While Korn won’t be making an appearance, at least not an announced one, confirmed artists for the event include the earlier mentioned Primus, as well as Broadway lovers and creators of “South Park” and The Book of Mormon, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, as well as Ween. At first it may come as if the “South Park” 25th Anniversary Event would be more of an overall celebration of the franchise, but as the event doors open at 6, it may be strictly a concert. As for the when and where regarding the “South Park” 25th Anniversary Concert, the two nights of the silver anniversary of “South Park” will take place at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado on August 10th, just three days shy of the actual 25th anniversary of the first”South Park” episode premier.

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