Fans Call Friends Worst Episode ‘The One with the Invitation’

Friends’ most hated episode ever reveal as ‘The One with the Invitation’ by fans. Do you agree with this rating?

Friends was first released in 1994 and 17 years have passed since the last episode. However, it has not lost its popularity and continues to be talked about. While we longingly remembered every episode of the 10 seasons, some of its fans even picked the worst episode.

This rating was carried out by using IMDb ratings.

The most hated episode of Friends was voted ‘The One with the Invitation’ by fans. Actually, this choice is not surprising because Ross’s ex-wife Emily is not much liked.

What happened in the worst episode of Friends?

If you don’t remember exactly what happened, we can explain it. ‘The One with Invitation’ is featured in the fourth season. Rachel is invited to Ross and Emily’s wedding.

Ross, Friends

Ross, Friends

After Ross and Rachel’s relationship lasting a while, Ross wants to send an invitation to his ex-girlfriend. However, Rachel is still in love with Ross. Rachel does not go to the wedding in London and stays in New York with her brother.

‘The One with the Invitation’ was rated 7.2 by the audience, and the best episode of the series was chosen as the episode of ‘The One Where Everybody Finds Out’ in season 5.

By the way, good news for Friends fans came out recently. After 17 years, it was revealed that the entire Friends cast will appear on television together in their first one reunion show.

Actually, this show was planned for 2020 but had to be delayed due to the coronavirus.

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