Star Trek: Discovery Seems To Bring Spock Back at Season 4

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 is on its way to CBS All Access, as we all know. The series shows some uncharted waters of the Star Trek universe while they are also pushing the boundaries of it in a short time.

This famous franchise has been playing with timelines to relate past Star Trek canon to the original and finally, all this event pays off. One of the original characters Spock is finally coming back in the fourth season. 

How will Spock come back?

We saw Ethan Peck’s Spock last in Season 2. Since then, even if the Discovery has been going into the future, overlapping the former cast from original episodes was still uncertain. But when we consider the latest rumors, it seems they still want to keep them in the fold somehow. Star Trek: Discovery‘s aim seems to keep original characters like Spock. It actually makes sense in order to keep both world and the franchise as a whole.

For example, Michael Burnham which played by Sonequa Martin-Green has an obvious bond with the famous Vulcan from the early part of the show run. So if they continue relating the stories to other projects, this also can provide a much deeper bond. It is also because as the franchise expands with a new show which is Star Trek: Strange New World. The upcoming series first season seems to be much closer than we think and will include Ethan Peck reprising his two roles, Christopher Pike and Anson Mount.

Trekkers and the series have been growing up so fast together

Ever since its first premiere back in 2017, Star Trek: Discovery has been a hit for CBS All Access and earned critics acclaims. The series gathered all that success because of its story, Martin-Green’s role, and the bonds to the original Star Trek stories. They were really important factors for the streaming platforms and helped Star Trek’s base to grow.

So with the fresh interest of Trekkies, the franchise has grown in a short time. Also, Picard starring reprising the titular role Patrick Stewart has also been a hit in addition to Star Trek: Discovery and the upcoming Strange New Worlds. Linking all of these shows also could be a plan for the future. Furthermore, CBS All Access plans a return to Paramount Plus soon. So that might mean more movies worked into a shuffle as well.

What will most likely happen in season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery?

If we look into the fourth season of Star Trek Discovery, they are not only going to reunite with Spock or original characters like him. We might also meet someone new in the non-corporeal one that could cause an existential threat rather than a physical one. Rumors about the fourth and fifth seasons are already wandering around that they already planned. Filming is expected to be finished by early summer, so the release probably will be in the fall. We will be watching as more news coming along with production ramps up. Until then, hope to see you soon for more news!

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