The 10 Best System Of A Down Songs Of All-Time

Despite having not released an album since 2005, System Of A Down still remains as popular as ever, with a fanbase hoping that a new album will materialize one day. But, while we wait let’s take a look at some of their best songs. Here are the top 10 best System Of A Down songs of all time.

10. I-E-A-I-A-I-O – Steal This Album! (2002)

Kicking off this list is a track from Steal This Album! An album that is often overlooked due to the popularity of their previous album Toxicity, and the double albums Mezmerize/Hypnotize. But, there are still plenty of great songs on Steal This Album!, and I-E-A-I-A-I-O is the highlight of the album. Creating this list will probably be more difficult than most, because what do you say about a System Of A Down song? For the most part, they are heavy, fast, and we will never truly understand how the minds of Serj Tankian and Daron Malakian work because their lyrics are always crazy and don’t make much sense on the surface. But, that is definitely part of the charm of System Of A Down.

9. Violent Pornography – Mezmerize (2005)

Moving over to their next albums, the band released both Mezmerize and Hypnotize in 2005, with Mezmerize releasing in May and Hypnotize following in November. Like most System Of A Down songs, on the surface, most of the lyrics could just be seen as nonsense, but looking deeper uncovers a more political and social message. Violent Pornography is about the mainstream media showing horrific events that go on in the world for the viewer to be mesmerized by it, with the band pleading with the viewer to “turn off the tv.”

8. Radio/Video – Mezmerize (2005)

Part of the reason why it is so difficult to discuss the meaning of certain SOAD songs is, they generally don’t make sense and instead are designed for the listener to create their own interpretation. The song is a little different from others as it features different Armenian folk elements, which is a nice change of pace.

7. Cigaro – Mezmerize (2005)

I remember the first time a friend played me Cigaro and my brain didn’t know what to make of it. Just a heavy and fun song with some really funny lyrics. I would write them here but censoring them would take away from how great these lyrics are. Just be prepared, they are explicit and hilarious at the same time.

6. Hypnotize – Hypnotize (2005)

Dialling things back a bit for Hypnotize. While generally a much slower song than we’re used to seeing from the band, it still has its moments of intense and heavy moments. The double albums saw the band experiment a lot more with different styles, and it paid off in dividends. Its just a shame we didn’t know at the time this would be the last time we’d get new music for 15 years.

5. Lonely Day – Hypnotize (2005)

Every band needs a ballad, and Lonely Day is as close as you’ll get from System Of A Down. Featuring verses of just clean guitar and Daron’s singing, the song is about the struggles of depression and the feeling of loneliness and isolation. This is a stand out track from the band and one that every fan needs to listen to as it shows a different side to the band.

4. Aerials – Toxicity (2001)

A song about the circle of life, it is a very interesting song and one full of hidden meanings that take a long time to figure out and interpret. On the surface it sounds like the band just sings about random things, but they are perhaps the most cryptic band of all time.

3. B.Y.O.B – Mezmerize (2005)

What a way to kick off promoting the new double albums than B.Y.O.B. After the huge success of Toxicity (and the forgotten about Steal This Album!), System Of A Down returned on top form with this song. There is a very good chance you’ve stumbled across this song at some point if you’re a rock fan, it was on one of the Guitar Hero games. The main riff is fast and heavy followed by a very slow and groovy chorus, really adding layers to an overall chaotic track. A definite highlight in the System Of A Down back catalogue.

2. Toxicity – Toxicity (2001)

In recent years we have seen System Of A Down become quite the meme online, more so with the last entry on this list, but Toxicity has also seen its fair share of memes. Toxicity was a monumental album in 2001, instantly becoming a fan favourite and an essential album to own during the nu-metal era. It might be hard to describe the impact this album had on metal music 20 years ago, but this album changed the game.

1. Chop Suey – Toxicity (2001)

Finally, we have the song that started it all. If you were listening to rock music back in 2001 you will understand when I say it wouldn’t be uncommon to see the music video for this song upwards of 20 times a day, for months on end. Like Toxicity, Chop Suey has become a meme today, only further adding to the popularity of the band. This is early 2000s metal music at its finest and a track that forever cemented the band as one of the greatest of the era.

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