Ranking All The Songs from The Eternals Soundtrack

The Eternals

The Eternals premiered in 2021 and is based on the Marvel Comics race, the Eternals. The film’s plot is based on a Marvel comic book authored by Jack Kirby. The film features a number of well-known actors from the film industry. Lauren Ridloff, Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, Brian Tyree Henry, and Richard Madden are among the cast members. The soundtrack for the film, titled Eternals Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, was released on November 3rd, 2021. Except where otherwise specified, the score consists of 20 tracks, all of which were scored by Ramin. Ramin Djawadi is a well-known and brilliant soundtrack composer who has composed music for various other films, including Warcraft, Westworld, and Game of Thrones. This article will rank all the Eternals Original Motion Picture Soundtrack songs.

20. Nach Mera Hero – Celina Sharma


By hearing Celina Sharma sing the song, we could tell she was excited to be a part of the composition and performance of this track. This Bollywood track appears as the soundtrack’s final track and is a bonus piece of music for their fans.

19. Earth Is Just One Planet – Ramin Djawadi


The album concludes with “Earth is Just One Planet ” on a slightly depressing note.” This song was performed in a memorable and catchy scene where the Celestial was murdered. The single features a dark chorus accompanied by unsettling guitar strings and gloomy electronics.

18. A Wish – Ramin Djawadi


The Eternals Original Motion Picture Soundtrack consists of superb and sensationally beautiful tracks like this particular one. “A Wish” plays at a magnificent scene that connects back to the beginning when Sersi passes the dagger to the human infant. The intro of this single features the Mission theme performed by established strings and piano.

17. Eternal Loss – Ramin Djawadi


“Eternal Loss” is played when the character Ikaris goes to the sun, which is a very emotional scenario. Djawadi intended to highlight the more emotional elements of his composition on the soundtrack album by composing scores like “Eternal Loss.” The funeral-like strings and somber piano notes bring the score into a mournful, melancholy mood.

16. Emergence Sea – Ramin Djawadi


The number sixteen track, “Emergence Sea,” brings about positive vibes with tremendous chords, dramatic brass and string blasts, and an inevitable colossal chorus. The single spices up the soundtrack, making it sound better than most soundtracks.

15. I Have Been Waiting For This – Ramin Djawadi


“I Have Been Waiting For This” begins with a frantic tempo and pounding brass that lasts nearly a minute. This is probably the most typical and traditional score. Djawadi references the film’s central themes and the Celestial Motif among powerful instrumentation.

14. Isn’t It Beautiful – Ramin Djawadi


With sweetly tranquil strings, “Isn’t It Beautiful” takes things down a notch. As the song proceeds, the pitch goes through the roof. Suppose you are listening intently to this hit single; you will probably note that after the song plays for three minutes, the melancholy develops into a loudly dramatic climax, with the Mission theme held uncommonly and heroically high.

13. Audience with Arishem – Ramin Djawadi


This song emphasizes Judge Arishem’s terrifying personality. Most people get shivers and chills when they watch this scene. In the first minute of this song, slow, mournful strings and yearning vocals take center stage before bursting, and scary brass takes over completely.

12. This Is Your Fight Now – Djawadi Ramin


“This Is Your Fight Now” includes an incredible moment in which an electric guitar variant complements a different version of the Eternals Anthem that is slower on the Eternals Rhythm. This tune is later amplified by the appearance of loud and harsh brass, gradually generating a more angry tone. This fantastic music sounds incredible.

11. Across The Oceans Of Time – Ramin Djawadi


The main vocalists and background performers featured in the performance of this track outdid themselves. Just listening to “Across The Oceans Of Time” will encourage you to create some time and listen to the whole soundtrack.

10. Remember – Ramin Djawadi


“Remember” shifts the mood, highlighted by melancholy piano chords and mournful vocals. This track is played during the scene in which the ancient city is under attack, and the Eternals are discussing erasing Thena’s memory. Druig eventually uses his powers to put an end to the attack.

9. Not Worth Saving – Ramin Djawadi


“Not Worth Saving” takes eighth spot on our list and for good reason. Djawadi highlights broad and dramatic strokes in this track, making it sound unique. This hit single is the definition of proper action music, beginning with a violent brassy blast.

8. Life – Ramin Djawadi


“Life” isn’t your typical Marvel heroic sound, but it’s a highly effective heroic sound. This is another terrific composition with a meditative intro in which Djawadi explores a different theme as the movie begins to get intense.

7. Celestials – Ramin Djawadi


This catchy track features a powerful theme. Before a larger chorus joins, we hear a lovely female voice above the modest instrumentation. The first half is magnificent, and the entire tone is upbeat and hopeful. However, the music becomes darker in the second half, implying that celestials do more than just produce and sustain life.

6. Joie De Vivre – Ramin Djawadi


The number six track on our list features an Asian musical tone. The world music style used by the scorer is first heard in “Joie De Vivre.” This song has a lovely melodic tune that grows steadily throughout the regrettably brief two-minute cue, accompanied by rising violins and a gentle rhythm.

5. The Domo – Ramin Djawadi


Djawadi incorporates new and different composing styles in the opening section of the main theme in “The Domo.” This tune begins with a rumble of menacing electronics, followed by uplifting organ notes. The main theme is played with loud, heroic brass and chanting vocalists.

4. Somewhere In Time – Ramin Djawadi


“Somewhere In Time” is one of the shortest tracks on the Eternals Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The featured instruments bring out a little more happy tone in “Somewhere In Time,” which leads to a brief but powerful version of the primary Eternals theme, which plays to the end of the score.

3. Mission – Ramin Djawadi


“Mission” connects the film’s audience to the Eternals’ collective love for Earth. This fantastic song contains a sincere emotion in the melody, which is heard first during the solo piano performance before the guitar and voices join in.

2. It Is Time – Ramin Djawadi


“It Is Time” portrays the enormity, magnitude, and overpowering power of these colossal creators of life throughout the universe. The massive orchestral keyboard performance by Djawadi in this track is undoubtedly attractive.

1. Eternals Theme – Ramin Djawadi


“Eternals Theme” is the main score of the film’s soundtrack. The track brings together different themes highlighted in the movie. This song is somewhat of a surprise. The orchestral style used by Ramin Djawadi on this score sounds great; hence we can conclude that this track was well-crafted.

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