The Simpsons Bug Squad Demo: Can We Play It?

2020 continues to surprise us in its last days. The demo of the game The Simpsons: Bug Squad, which was developed 20 years ago, has been discovered.

The Simpsons: Bug Squad game, which no one knew existed, was leaked by the Dreamcast team. DreamCast user named ‘Sreak’ discovered and released the demo of this game developed for the Simpsons TV series. Maybe the ‘prototype’ word would be better for it.

It is nothing new that Dreamcast discovers and releases unknown games. They had shared ‘Millennium Racer’ and ‘Deer Avenger 3’ games before.

What is ‘The Simpsons: Bug Squad’?

Bug Squad was a game developed for the hit series The Simpsons, but later the deal with Red Lemon Studio ended and the company was dissolved.

In the game’s posted demo video, we control a bug (looks like a fly) and wander through the Simpsons mansion. Since the game was designed for Playstation 2, it would most likely be an arcade puzzle and platform game. In fact, in those years, platform games of movies and TV series such as Toy Story and Rugrats were released and were considered successful.

The game does not contain any sound effects or music. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about the subject of the game.

How Can We Play The Simpsons: Bug Squad?

The demo of the game was made 20 years ago, the process was stopped. For the first time after all these years, a 10 minutes ‘first look’ video was released. After the video released on youtube, Red Lemon Studio co-founder Andy Campbel reached out to DremCast and said; “Oh my! Not seen that for 20 years! We had a great coder who had developed an amazing cell shading engine for that. I knew Fox pretty well, so this was a demo we created and I pitched to them. We were never commissioned, so this was technically never an official title in development.”

The game is not playable for now. However, it is only a matter of time before more codes emerge and share them. Of course, this will not be complete gameplay, but it can be a good opportunity to experience the game and test its mechanics.

Check out ‘The Simpsons: Bug Squad‘ unreleased tech demo trailer below.

In addition to that DreamCast shared another unreleased video game name is “BlowUp”.

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