Three Nail Biting Films to Watch on Netflix This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and if it isn’t for slobbing out, devouring Christmas candy, and binge-watching films, then really, what is it for? Netflix have got a ton of great films coming to their platform over the next month. Whether you’re after something nostalgic, futuristic, or recently released, these films will provide whatever you desire, with a healthy dose of nail-biting action.

Jurassic Park

Some films just never get old, and Jurassic Park is one of them. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last almost thirty years, then the premise of the film is simple. Scientists have discovered a way to bring dinosaurs back to life using their DNA. They’ve therefore taken it upon themselves to create an enormous park full of deadly carnivores. The adventure that ensues is magical and nail-biting in equal measures, all set to an incredible score.

So beloved is the score to this film by the musical world, that it has toured around a large part of the globe with various orchestras. It’s the epitome of a Hollywood blockbuster, totally anthemic, heartbreaking, moving, and reminiscent of childhood. Make an enormous bowl of popcorn and settle in for a film that despite its advancing years, really hasn’t aged a day.


Whilst a game of cards perhaps doesn’t seem very nail-biting to some, 21 is here to change your mind. If you’re a fan of playing blackjack online, or if you’re lucky enough then at a real casino, then this film will be right up your street. Online casino sites like Legal Betting, for instance, have spent years perfecting exactly this kind of adrenaline-pumping excitement. The film involves a group of spectacularly bright students. All of these students are working towards entry into an Ivy League college and are brought together as a secret society by their math teacher.

Ben, the hero of the story, comes from a less privileged background and desperately needs a scholarship, or a whole load of cash if he’s going to get himself through Harvard School of Medicine. Instead of focusing all of his attention on that scholarship, he and his crew learn to card count. This skill sees them heading off to Vegas for the weekend in order to win enough money to pay for tuition. The plot may just start to go sour though when Ben gets a little too greedy.

The Midnight Sky

Love him, or just only like him a little bit, George Clooney is certainly not one to rest on his laurels. Although we’ve already seen his directorial debut by now (and if you haven’t then perhaps you should!) his latest offering sounds like it’s definitely going to be worth watching. The Midnight Sky has not yet received a comment from the press, but the premise certainly sounds interesting.

Clooney himself plays the starring role in which his focus is to prevent a space rocket from returning to Earth. Clooney plays a perhaps unconvincingly well-groomed scientist, who’s working in the Arctic Circle. Unfortunately, the Earth is totally ruined and if these astronauts land on it, then they risk their lives too. It promises to combine the best elements of sci-fi and thriller, plus if you’ve read the book it was originally adapted from, Lily Brooks-Dalton’s ‘Good Morning, Midnight’ then you’d be crazy not to pour yourself a glass of mulled wine and settle in for the evening.

Casino Royale

Another film that has truly stood the test of time is Casino Royale. Bond fans will be delighted that Netflix have managed to get their hands on this one after the devastating news that ‘As No Time to Die’ has been massively delayed thanks to the extenuating circumstances of this year. So, if you’re in need of your spy movie fix, you can rest easy.

The action sequences are second to none in this film, the special effects were groundbreaking at the time. Daniel Craig is truly at his best as the suave spy as he tackles ever more terrifying and intense circumstances than ever before. The stakes are high and if anyone can get you to spy nirvana this Christmas, it’s Mr. Bond.

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