Tina Turner Documentary Release Date in UK and Coming to HBO

A new documentary about Tina Turner titled ‘Tina’ will release 2021. This documentary follows the singer’s long career and her struggles as a survivor of abuse. Fans have experienced Tina Turner’s life on-screen before. The autobiography “I, Tina” was also very popular at its time.

Tina‘ has been described as “the ultimate celebration of a global superstar”. The documentary is directed by Oscar-winning directors Dan Lindsay and T.J Martin. And produced by Altitude. Tina is set to feature a big amount of archival footage of 60 years as well as interviews with Tina Turner herself.

What is the official synopsis of the documentary about Tina Turner?

The official synopsis for ‘Tina‘ documentary:

“From her early career as the queen of R&B to her record-breaking sell-out arena tours of the ’80s, Tina Turner draws back the curtain to invite us into her private world in a way she has never done before. Revealing her inner-most struggles, and sharing some of her most personal moments. TINA is the defining and inspirational record of one of the greatest survivors in modern music.”

The documentary will not only recount the singer’s rise to stardom but will also discuss her journey as mentioned above. Turner opened up about her marriage to former musical partner Ike Turner following their divorce. In 1981, Tina Turner sat down with Carl Arrington for an interview. She mentioned her relationship and the popular hits that they produced together. They climbed the charts and made musical history. They seemed to have a healthy marriage and family life off stage, but the realities were different.

When is the release date of the ‘Tina’ documentary?

Tina‘ will be released in cinemas across UK and Ireland, and on Altitude’s website and Sky Documentaries in April. The release date of the new documentary about Tina Turner will premiere in the U.S. on HBO on March 27th, 2021.

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