Tony Iommi talks about Ozzy Osbourne: “He Can’t Sing”

Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath guitarist talks in his new interview about Ozzy Osbourne’s voice. He talks about how Ozzy Osbourne joined the band.

We know his strong friendship with Osbourne. But even today we still can’t know how they meet and make great music together. After Black Sabbath days the bandmates still doing something for themselves. Ozzy Osbourne tries to make new LP and albums also want to start a tour. But he can’t because of his health stop him for a while. Also, Tony Iommi wants to relax and still play guitar. He just joined the GibsonTV‘s program ‘Icons’ and talks about Black Sabbath years.

Tony Iommi recalls Ozzy can’t sing and replies:

“We went into the music shop in Birmingham and there was an advert saying, ‘Ozzy Zig requires gig.’ And I said to Bill, ‘I know an Ozzy, but it can’t be him; he can’t sing.’ I didn’t even think he could sing or anything. So anyway, sure enough, we go around to his house, we followed the advert, knocked on the door; his mom came to the door, and we said, ‘We’ve come about the advert.’ And she said, ‘John, it’s for you!’ So he comes up, and I’m seeing him walk up the hall, I said to Bill, ‘Forget it, forget it! I’ll tell you later…'”

You can watch and listen to Tony Iommi‘s Icons program below.

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