The 10 Best Vanilla Fudge Songs of All-Time

Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge is an American band that has withstood the test of time. It’s famous for its contemporary rock music. The band founders are Mark Stein (Organist and vocalist), Tim Bogert (Bassist and vocalist), Vince Martell (vocalist/guitarist), and Carmine Appice (vocalist and drummer). The band has experienced breakups and reunions in different years. At different times, the band was joined by some artists who later left: Ron Mancuso (1982-194), Paul Mancuso (1982-1984), and Lanny Cordola (1988), among others. Tim Bogert, one of the founders, died in 2021, leaving behind Mart Stein, Vince Martell, Carmine Appice, and Pete Bremy. Over the years, the band has realized some of the most reckoning songs. Here are the top 10 best songs that the band has ever realized.

10. Ticket to Ride

According to Classic Rock History, this is one of the greatest hits the band produced at its initial stages. John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote it, recorded it in 1965, and released it in 1967. It is featured in their album entitled Vanilla Fudge. It sounded like a Beatles song that introduced the band to the world. Atco records produced the 5:40 minutes song. Artists involved in its production were Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Vince Martell, and Mark Stein.

9. Where is My Mind

To prove to the world that it was ready to take over the U.S with psychedelic rock, Vanilla Fudge released Where is Mind in 1968. It was recorded under the Atco Label, and Shadow Morton was its producer. The band had not experienced any breakups at this time, so the founding members were involved in its release. Recorded under the Renaissance Album, this is one of the most stunning songs you can ever listen to. Can you imagine how captivating a song was for it to get the attention of Keith Emmerson in 1968? It’s just a masterpiece like no other.

8. Bang Bang

To demonstrate their skills in doing song covers, Vanilla Fudge took the song “Bang Bang” by Sonny Bono and made one of the most fantastic tunes. The song is simple and hilarious to understand because it’s made of short poetic sentences. The song featured in Zodiac-a David Fincher film (2007). Bang Bang was initially recorded in 1966 by Nancy Sinatra and Cher. It was recorded under the first album, Vanilla Fudge, by the band’s initial members. You can have one most entertaining 5:20 minutes of your life by listening to this classical rock. To enjoy it best, dance it in a group.

7. Need Love

To continue our list of the most famous and best songs by Vanilla Fudge is the Need Love song. So crucial was the song to the band, such that it opened their Rock and Roll album, which they released in 1969. All four band members, Tim Bogert, Carmine Appice, Mark Stein, and Vince Martell, wrote and produced the song. Need Love is one of the best songs to play to your fiancée or someone you would wish they loved you. It’s a slow mixture of guitars and vocals with appropriate drum beats, making the song create one of the best romantic moments ever.

6. Season of the Witch

In 1968, Vanilla Fudge released the Season of the Witch. The song was in the Renaissance Album, which the band released in 1968. It was first written and released in 1966 by Donovan in his album, Sunshine Superman. The song also attracted coverage from musicians such as Al Kooper and Stephen Stills. Of all the versions, the one done by Vanilla Fudge standouts due to how they introduced new rhythms in the song, making it sound extra-original. Season of the Witch was produced by the great Atlantic Recording Corporation and published by Peer-Donovan Ltd. The song has two parts, part one lasting for 3:30 minutes and part two, 3:14 minutes.

5. Eleanor Rigby

The band decided to close their first album in style. Eleanor Rigby is one of the songs you could use to tell that the band would adopt any form of progressive rock. The band used it to inform their audience that they had closed that album and were ready for any changes in the industry. It runs for 5:40 minutes before breaking into a chorus, making the song one of the most performed songs in their concerts. When releasing the song, the band knew the art of climax finishing.

4. Shotgun

The song was originally a single done by the All-Stars and Junior Walker in 1965. Vanilla Fudge decided to do a cover of the song in their album – Near the Beginning. The album was released in 1968. The shotgun’s success was listed in the New York Bill Board of Classic Rock. The 7:23 minutes starts like the Cream, and it is one of the band’s main songs to introduce itself on stage.

3. The Sky Cried/ When I was a Boy

The Sky Cried/ When I Was a Boy is an introductory song in the Renaissance album. It does not rank for no apparent reason. It has some stunning rock beats, rocks hard, and it’s played with outstanding brilliance. Rock lovers would not be treated in a better way than this song did. Written in a nostalgic mood, it captures the listener’s attention most remarkably. Mark Stein and Tim Bogert wrote this 7:36 minutes long song.

2. Some Velvet Morning

Many analysts agree that Near the Beginning is one of the strongest worded performances by Vanilla Fudge in its history. It was done initially by Nancy Sinatra on her Movin with Nancy album. Lee Hazelwood initially wrote Some Velvet Morning. The song’s most entertaining part is the instruments’ dropping nature. You get a great mixture of instruments and poetic flow in rock songs when you listen to them.

1. You Keep Me Hanging On

With the highest number of views, this is the greatest of cover songs done by Vanilla Fudge. Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, and Brian Holland were the writers of You Keep Me Hanging On, besides being involved in the composition of many hits of the 1960s. The Supremes were the original records of the song. Composed of romantic nostalgia, Vanilla Fudge has used the song to move crowds wherever they visit. The 2:40 minutes song managed to top the Billboard Hot 100.


We have simplified the work if you have been looking for the hottest selection of the Vanilla Fudge songs. What you only need to do is to sit and enjoy the works of an award-winning band. The band has bagged at least one award through the above songs.

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