10 Awesome Sad Piano Songs


Even though feeling sad isn’t something that anyone of us will be looking forward to, it is okay to be sad sometimes. Ideally, sadness doesn’t necessarily have to be detrimental to people experiencing the feeling. According to WebMD, music helps to lift mood and reduce stress. When you play sad piano songs, you easily express your sadness, allowing you to let go of your unhappiness. Musicians and artists have a way of exploring what is mainly believed to be negative emotions, such as sadness. So many sad piano songs prove very pleasurable; below is just a sneak peek!

10. Birdy – People Help the People

Initially, this piece was done by the British Band Cherry Ghost. The appeal featured in this song is significant and should positively impact the listener. It advocates for the need to help people in need and always shows solidarity, particularly during those hard times. In 2011, Birdy played a cover for this song, and the good thing is that the cover version succeeded considerably. Your emotions will run free when you play this tune on your instrument.

9. John Lennon – Imagine

Imagine is among the undisputed songs that people love across the globe. It was released in 1971, and apart from being a lovey song to play on your instrument, it bears a political message. It is a hymn to peace. Upon its release, it wasn’t wholly successful. It gained relevance after the assassination of John Lennon in 1980. John Lennon was a guru in music writing, and this piece is no exception. Nowadays, you will often hear the work in different events and occasions, particularly sad with the peace theme. The song is a message of everlasting peace.

8. Lenard Cohen – Hallelujah

Initially, this song had insignificant success upon its publication. It attained a broad audience reach only after several cover versions and its constant use in films and TV. In the long run, the song has experienced several changes since Leonard Cohen initially wrote it with more than 80 stanzas. This piano arrangement lets the listener strip off lyrical meaning and play out emotions. The songwriter managed to evoke deep emotions to life through his sad musical works.

7. Lady Gaga – I’ll Never Love Again

You probably know this song from the soundtrack of ‘A Star is Born 2018 movie which features Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It is an emotional song that describes the songwriter’s despair after his love’s death. The singer believes that she will not be in a position ever to love again intensely. This piece is among the most awesome sad piano songs and is ranked appropriately. Playing this song on piano will let your emotions flow freely.

6. Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven

Within just one year, Clapton has suffered the loss of his son, a friend, a fellow musician, and two among his roadies. According to ultimate classic rock, Eric drew the motivation to write the song from his experience to express his grief. This gives him and others around him the strength and the courage to continue with life. The song inspires listeners to never give up and keep going even after a loss. Playing it on your instrument will also be a good way for you to grieve.

5. Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

At some point, everyone has gotten themselves missing someone. This song emerged as the loss and loneliness anthem all over generations since its publication. When asked about the inspiration for this song, the songwriter said that, at times, we miss things that weren’t necessarily good for us. We can all relate to that, right?

4. Let Her Go – Passenger

Ideally, the title of this song tells everything. It is a piece that perfectly captures the pain that comes when love ends. You probably didn’t appreciate those little things when it was time to miss them more than anything else. The song repeats the line ‘let her go’ severally, which proves to be a positive message in the song. Let them go. Play this song on the piano to strip off emotions if you find yourself in a similar situation.

3. Tears for Fears – Mad World

The famous British band Tears did this song for Fears’. The piece received its breakthrough a long time ago and has remained among the most widely used works to date. There are several covers for this song in different styles, which shows how common the feelings addressed in the song are. This piece shows its listeners the world from the eyes of a teenager. It describes a life that is meaningless and very boring. Without any doubt, this is a popular sad piano song currently. The takeaway message from the song is rather optimistic as it tells the listener to enlarge their world.

2. Sound of Silence – Simon, and Garfunkel

Sound of silence is an amazing piece from an amazing band, Simon & Garfunkel. This piece was first released in 1964. Since then, it has remained a very important work of its era. Part of the reasons why this piece has remained immortal is its simplicity yet penetrating atmosphere. The piece addresses a matter familiar to us: the lack of communication between people. So many covers for this song have been received positively by both artists and the audience.

1. Yiruma – River Flows in You

River Flows in You is one of the best contemporary piano pieces you will ever listen to. It starts slowly before becoming a flowing piece. You will love the piece for its simplistic melody and texture. It also sounds so emotional and impressive that everyone will fall in love with it upon listening to it for the first time. You will notice two main patterns that repeat throughout the piece, proving comfortable to the ear. This contemporary piano piece is a good way of expressing your emotions while playing your instrument.


Playing sad piano songs is a good way to wade off your sad emotions. Even though no one anticipates sad feelings, musicians have crafted many songs you can play during stressful moments. According to Healthline, music helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Playing sad piano songs will ultimately turn out to be pleasurable. Try the tunes in the compilation above when you feel the need to free yourself from your sad feelings!

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