The 10 Best Yeah Yeah Yeahs Songs of All-Time

Have you ever heard of an indie rock group called the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? They’ve been around since 2000 and you can definitely hear their distinctive New York influence in their music. This has given them a dedicated fan following, one that is growing on a daily basis.

If you haven’t yet heard any of their songs, you truly don’t know what you are missing. Here are 10 of their best, listed below. Why don’t you take a few minutes and give some of them a listen? Before you know it, you just might have a new favorite group, not to mention a handful of favorite songs you can listen to.

10. Zero (2009)

It would appear that this song is about the type of “love-making” people do when there is no amount of love involved whatsoever (hence the title of the song itself). The lyrics discuss the act of sexual intercourse and how it can often be primal in nature. In this story, there is no love to be had. There is nothing gentle about the act itself. It is instead something that is ravenous, controlling the storyteller’s every thought.

9. Soft Shock (2009)

This is yet another song about the act of having sexual relations. In this particular case, it’s all about two teenagers who are likely experiencing it for the first time. In addition to the thrills associated with this. They have the added uncertainty of trying not to get caught by their parents, largely because they are home when they decide it’s time. The song speaks to the excitement and the perceived danger associated with this behavior. The lyrics also go on to discuss the potential for things to go wrong, largely with regard to an unwanted pregnancy.

8. Sacrilege (2013)

It would seem that the band have a real thing for singing about the act of sex, all with reckless abandon. This one equates the male in the relationship with an angel that has come down straight from Heaven, then talks about how they have such vigorous activity that they literally destroy the bed itself. The song deals with the idea that having sex before marriage is often considered a sin. In addition, there are questions brought up in the lyrics regarding whether or not sexual activity should be more gentle in nature as opposed to being primal.

7. Date With the Night (2003)

Again, you have a song about having intercourse and taking no precautions whatsoever. There is talk of getting people pregnant and promising to marry them, then choosing not to do so at the last minute. For the most part, the song only discusses finding one person after another to use as something of a “sex slave,” definitely not a particularly pleasant thought. There isn’t a lot about this song that is pleasing to think about. Despite that fact, it has seen a reasonable amount of success. Perhaps it speaks to a darker part of the soul in a way that few other things can.

6. Burning (2022)

There is actually a lot of debate over the meaning of this song. It talks about laying hands on people and falling into the sea, but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of Biblical or even mythological ideology. Perhaps that is exactly what makes this song so popular. People can read into it whatever suits them. Some of the very best songs are subjective in nature, to the point that they can be about almost anything. This gives the listener a chance to morph the lyrics into something they can identify with on a personal level. As a result, this song is one of the most popular pieces of music ever created by the band.

5. Y Control (2003)

If you’re in the mood to hear a happy song, you will not find it here. This one is about a woman who fell in love with the man she thought she would love for her entire life. Instead, she unintentionally opened herself up to a life of abuse, both physical and emotional. She endures this for years and years, to the point that she scarcely even recognizes the person she was before it all began. Eventually, she gains the courage to confront her abuser, telling him that she wants to find the person she used to be.

4. Maps (2003)

No, this is not a song about using a map in the literal sense. Instead, it is about using the “roadmap” inside of you to discover who you are, your authentic self. The lyrics in the song talk about a person who starts out trying to be straight, because that is what the person feels is expected of them. Eventually, they decide to be true to themselves. As a result, they go on a personal journey of discovery that helps them embrace themselves authentically. When they do, they find comfort, love and acceptance from others who have been on similar journeys themselves.

3. Gold Lion (2006)

At first, it seems like this song is about finding enlightenment, maybe even spirituality. By the time you get to the second verse, it’s obvious that the song is actually about taking drugs. The lyrics discuss the types of things experienced by the individual in question after taking loads of drugs. Because of his compromised state, he sees and hears things that only exist to him. Eventually, he recounts his experiences to others.

2. Heads Will Roll (2009)

This song might be about dying after taking drugs, but that assumption isn’t shared by everyone. Like most other pieces of art, it is subjective. Aside from being one of the most popular songs the band ever released, it also has another interesting distinction. It was featured in the popular animated movie “Sing 2,” introducing it to even more potential fans.

1. Cheated Hearts (2006)

In a sense, this is a song about marriage. However, it does not have a happy ending. The person in the song had a marriage that didn’t work out. Eventually, they fell in love and married again, only to have that marriage fall apart as well. The rest of the song deals with the idea that marriage doesn’t really solidify anything because people are fickle and their feelings for others change as soon as they become bored with their current situation.

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