The 10 Best The Romantics Songs of All-Time

The Romantics was a rock and roll band established in 1977. The members picked this name for their band because they formed it on Valentine’s Day. The Romantics are one of the best-known rock bands in history, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be — the band put out some truly phenomenal music, and if you don’t believe me, here are ten songs that show precisely why The Romantics were so good.

10. Spend a Little Love On Me

‘Spend a little love on me’ was a single from Strictly Personal, the band’s 1981 album. The song was well received. Like many of their songs, this ballad is about love. The lyrics entail a person urging his lover to spend some more time with him. And it seems like this gentleman has invested time and money in the relationship. However, the recipient is still dissatisfied. They want more, and they are not giving much in return. It is a classic rock song with an acoustic guitar riff that would be typical for the early 80s. It also features drums, bass, organ, and piano instrumentation. Overall the band did a great job capturing the frustration of an unappreciated partner who does all he can for someone who just doesn’t seem satisfied enough.

9. Night Like This

You’ve probably had great nights with someone special. This is what ‘Night Like This’ is all about it. It revolves around a person’s memory of the kind of nights they have with their lover. And the memories make him miss her. He wishes that she was by his side, but she is not. He wants more nights like the one that keeps popping into his mind. The Romantics released this song in 1980 for their National Breakout album, becoming an instant hit.

8. What I Like About You

‘What I like About You’ is the Romantics’ best song of all times. At first, this ballad did not attract much attention. But time went on, and it became one of their most popular songs. A decade later, it was featured in several commercials, leaving no doubt about its success. It especially did exceedingly well in the Budweiser Beer advert. The lyrics of this song revolve around a person describing what they like about their lover. Today, you will likely hear this song at parties, sporting events, etc. It has become more of a rock anthem.

7. Talking In Your Sleep

According to Song Facts, ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ outperformed all the other songs from The Romantics’ debut album. The band’s lead singer Wally Palmar has described this song as a classic, rocking love ballad. It has a great feel and catchy chorus that you will enjoy listening. And a good storyline that revolves around a girlfriend who talks in her dreams. Her lover listens whenever it happens, and he is glad she says good things about him and their relationship.

6. She Is Got Everything.

The ’80s were a great time for rock and roll. At the time, many love songs dominated the airwaves, and the fans loved them. Around this time, the Romantics had just entered the music scene and released ‘She Is Got Everything’. It is about a man who feels his girlfriend has everything he ever wanted. He is proud of her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

5. When I Look In Your Eyes

Sometimes falling in love starts by looking into a potential lover’s eyes. And this song describes such a situation. It is about a man who is attracted to a certain girl. He gets a special and undeniable feeling whenever he looks into her eyes. He feels so good inside when she reassures him that she is his. This ballad is a typical rock song that focuses on an individual’s infatuation with a lover or friend. It was written and composed by vocalist Wally Palmar and guitarist Rich Cole for the Romantics 1980 self-titled album The Romantics. It was their debut single, released in 1979 on Ork Records, the band’s independent label.

4. Tell It To Carrie

Most of the Romantics’ songs were about love. They were either inspired by their life experiences or their close friends or family. ‘Tell It To Carrie’ is another one of their fan favorites, released in 1980. The song is about a man who shares his life challenges with his girlfriend. He writes to her whenever he is troubled, which makes him feel better. However, he is afraid that he is becoming a lot more dependent on her. The narration in the lyrics is quite typical for The Romantics but what sets it apart is how relatable it is. You can’t help but empathize with the character and his journey as you listen to this well-written song.

3. Rock You Up

Rock you up was a romantic ballad that won the hearts of many people. The Romantics Band wrote and released it in 1983. And to their dismay, the song got an incredible reception. It rocked the airwaves in popular radio stations across the US, UK, and Canada. It is about a man who wants to have a good time with his girlfriend who seems a little lonely and distant. The guitar interplay and the delivery of the lyrics in this song are what make it so memorable. Once the chorus starts, we can’t help but sing along with it.

2. Got Me Where You Want

The Romantics wrote ‘Got Me Where You Want’ for their most famous album, ‘Heat.’ It is a melodic and simple ballad that most people can relate to. It is about a man who cannot get his mind off a girl. She is good-looking and a teaser who doesn’t mind getting attention from other people. Unfortunately, this makes him jealous and helpless hence the Frase’ got me where you want. Nonetheless, he loves how she carries herself and is ready to give her his love.

1. One In A Million

The Romantics released this song after their previous hit, ‘Rock You Up,’ started losing its momentum. In 1984, the ballad peaked at no.37. According to Michigan Rock and Roll Legends, the song reached no.22 on the Mainstream Rock charts. But at this time, the band had started having some internal problems. Hence, one in a million would be their last hit single. It is a timeless song that praises a girl with all the attributes the man wants. For this reason, he wants to keep loving her. The drums and bass line are excellent and make for an unforgettable rock classic.

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