KISS Frontman talks about Led Zeppelin, Greta Van Fleet, Lady Gaga and Post Malone

KISS frontman Paul Stanley gives his honest opinion about the new stars of the post-2000 era. In a way, this is a comparison of the past and the present.

Paul Stanley, actual name Stanley Bert Eisen, was born in New York City in 1952. He is one of the founders of KISS and one of the best rock bands ever. His success as a vocalist of KISS has earned him 18th place on the list of the “Best Metal Vocalist of All Time”. The fictional and mystical environment created by KISS on the stage led him to establish the fictional character of Starchild.

Paul Stanley, still a revered figure in metal and rock music, recently spoke to Lipps Service. He also talking about the music of the past and the present during the conversation, Paul gave very honest statements.

As we all know, when we engage in a conversation with our parents, it results in “our time was better”. However, Paul Stanley gives us very honest answers on this subject, and he even considers this conversation as laziness.

“It’s very easy to fall into the trap of saying, ‘Oh, when I was young, music was great.’ Well, that’s what our parents said, and not coincidentally – that’s what their parents said.

So it’s easy to lose touch because you don’t relate to some of what goes on now thinking what you were doing was better.”

KISS Frontman Favorite Artist in 2020

Paul still follows today’s music and successful artists. He even revealed some of these during the interview.

First, Paul considers Lady Gaga to be an actual star. He thinks Gaga’s behavior and voice are like a true music icon. Also, He thinks Ariana Grande quite successful, the artist says that he has a powerful personality and a magnificent voice. Paul says the female stars are very successful and the men are one step behind. In addition, he really likes Post Malone and Greta Van Fleet.

During the conversation, Paul spoke about Led Zeppelin and the successful band of recent days, Greta Van Fleet.

The two groups have compared quite a lot lately, and commenting on this, Paul said that is completely unfortunate because comparing a young group with an iconic group is actually very difficult for them.

“Yeah, I think they, unfortunately, fell into a sinkhole. When you come out of the box and you’re compared to the greatest band ever, and you’re so young, you’re in for a lot of trouble.”

Paul Stanley’s First Time with LED ZEPPELIN

Paul said his first moment with Led Zeppelin was truly a dream;

“Oh yeah, I saw Zeppelin in 1969 in August, and it was as close to a religious experience as I’ll ever have. It was the synergy and the sexuality and the power that was coming off the stage – it was mystical.

I mean, the whole band was possessed in the best way, and that was pivotal for me because I realized that that was a bar that was set that I could never reach, but you should always reach for it.”

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