Glitch Techs season 2 confirmed by Netflix

Glitch Techs is one-of the highly-anticipated animation series originally Nickelodeon. But, Netflix pick-up the series and release it in early 2020. Now, they also confirmed season 2 coming soon.

Eric Robles and Dan Milano is the creator of this American animated TV shows. The animation series first season already released on February 21st, 2020. After the first season demanding, fans waiting for the season 2. Before that, we talk about the first season consist of 9-episodes. The anime series also follows on two teens, Hector “High Five” Nieves and Miko “Me K.O.” Kubota. However, this is the first series from Nickelodeon produced for Netflix.

When is the release date of Glitch Techs season 2?

There’s the official confirmation from series creator Eric Robles recently tweet about it. He also reveals the season 2 story details for the fans:

“Who else can’t wait for the next TEN episodes of #Glitchtechs ?!!! Action, comedy, adventure, and a series mystery to solve!!!! What’s up with Miko being unable to get mind wiped? Where’s High Fives dad? Who’s Ridley? What’s up with Mitch? What’s the deal with the Hinobi Company?”

We expect Glitch Techs season 2 will be available on Netflix in late 2020.

What is the plot of Glitch Techs?

Here’s the official plot for the series:

“Two teens (Hector “High Five” Nieves and Miko “Me K.O.” Kubota) work at a game store as a front for their actual job: Hunting video game monsters who’ve broken out into the real world.”

Glitch Techs characters and cast: 

  • High Five – Ricardo Hurtado
  • Miko – Monica Ray
  • Phil – Scott Kreamer
  • Bitt – Dan Milano
  • Gauntlet Voice – Rachael Russakoff
  • Mitch – Luke Youngblood
  • Miko’s mom – Stephanie Sheh
  • Miko’s dad – Dee Bradley Baker
  • Zahra – Zehra Fazal
  • Haneesh – Sandeep Parikh

In addition to that, the upcoming season 2 will also consist of brand new 10-episodes. Glitch Techs season 2 will probably release end of the 2020. Check out the trailer below.

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